Art In The Third Dimension

If you’re a rational person you’re pretty sick of 3D by now. However, the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles is offering an exhibit in three dimensions that doesn’t require annoying glasses or paying a premium for the experience.

The Third Dimension opened last night and offers an eclectic mix of sculptures. All sculptural solutions are represented in this exhibition — reductive, additive, assemblage, relief, in-the-round and installation.

I have no idea what the previous sentence means, I just copied it from the press release. For the art-impaired, stick with the sentence that proceeds it — it’s an eclectic mix of art.

And by eclectic, of course I mean some of it is neat, some of it is odd, some of it is intriguing, some of it makes you think “what were they thinking?” In other words, pretty much like any art exhibition. The Wife was impressed with the chess set.

It’s worth a look, especially since admission is free.

The Third Dimension runs through July 20.


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