Test Your Joelology

Do you know more about The Man than Liz Brixey? Prove it.

1. What time does the regular crowd shuffle in?

2. Joel played in piano bars under the name:

(a) Bill Martin (b) Captain Jack (c) Martin Joel (d) Billy Ray

3. What Disney animated musical features the voice work of Billy Joel:

(a) The Little Mermaid (b) Oliver and Company (c) Aladdin (d) Beauty and the Beast

4. What was the first album released on CD?

(a) Meet the Beatles (b) Highway 61 Revisited (c) 52nd Street (d) Born to Run (e) The Stranger

5. What is NOT the name of a band Joel performed in

(a) The Hassles (b) The Echos (c) Attila (d) The Faces

6. True/False: We started the fire.

7. “I said I love you, and that’s forever” was written for:

(a) Elizabeth Small, his first wife (b) Christie Brinkley, his second wife (c) Katie Lee, his third wife

8. “Now and then I missed the love I lost/But all that changed the day you said you’d be my wife/Who could have known that finding you would only take me/All my life” was written for:

(a) Elizabeth Small, his first wife (b) Christie Brinkley, his second wife (c) Katie Lee, his third wife

9. True/False: Joel played at the first Farm Aid concert

10. Who inducted Joel into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

11. Joel ends concerts with the phrase:

(a) Après moi le déluge (b) Y’all come back now, y’hear (c) Have a good day today, and a better day tomorrow (d) Don’t take any shit from anybody

12. Joel’s first No. 1 single was:

(a) Piano Man (b) Just the Way You Are (c) Big Shot (d) It’s Still Rock ‘n’ Roll to Me

13. Joel’s first No. 1 album was:

(a) The Stranger (b) 52nd Street (c) Glass Houses (d) An Innocent Man

14. Which musician does NOT appear on the album The Bridge:

(a) Ray Charles (b) Steve Winwood (c) Cyndi Lauper (d) Sting

15. Which of the following is NOT referenced in “We Didn’t Start the Fire”:

(a) The Rolling Stones (b) Bob Dylan (c) The Beatles (d) Richard Nixon

16. The Face to Face Tour featured Joel and what other piano-based performer?

(a) Ben Folds (b) Jerry Lee Lewis (c) Elton John (d) Norah Jones

17. Joel’s only album to win the Grammy for Album of the Year was:

(a) The Nylon Curtain (b) The Stranger (c) 52nd Street (d) An Innocent Man

18. You’re my:

(a) castle (b) cabin (c) instant pleasure dome (d) home (e) all of the above

19. The Broadway musical based on Billy Joel’s music is titled:

(a) My Life (b) Movin’ Out (c) Goodnight Saigon (d) Adventures in Allentown

20. Joel hasn’t released an album of new material since:

(a) 1990 (b) 1988 (c) 1993 (d) 2000

Tomorrow: The Answers


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