What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars 072012

You’d think I’d get a day off after Joelfest but no, the month changes. Should’ve planned better.


It’s Spider-Month! One doesn’t usually associate arachnids with July, but there’s a Spider-Man movie coming out in a couple of days and I don’t have the strength to do two theme weeks in a row, so it’s just as well that my Marvel freebie calendar has decided to dedicate this month to the amazing one.

I’m not a fan of this picture at all. Of all the cool Spidey images out there, why this one? The cynic in me says they picked it because it was drawn by Joe Quesada, the big man at Marvel these days. I just think it looks odd.

I have nothing new to say about Spidey, as he’s in this segment every year. His new movie comes out on Tuesday so come back then and we’ll talk about it.


Now this image I like. It’s odd, but in an intriguing way. This is Jessica Drew’s second go-round in the official Women of Marvel calendar series and I don’t have anything new to say about her. She’s currently dating Hawkeye, which I’ve mentioned in earlier Hawkeye updates. I have a feeling that relationship is not long for this world, though. That’s a shame ’cause I like Clint and Jessica together, but a lot of fans don’t.

The art is by Alex Maleev, who drew the recent short-lived Spider-Woman comic book. Comic companies have a history of creating female versions of popular male superheroes but they never become as successful as their counterparts.

Spider-Woman II

I had a hard time deciding on a character for this month’s unofficial RROY REPORT Women of Marvel calendar. In honor of Independence Day I was going to go for a patriotic heroine, but the only one I could think of was Miss America from Marvel’s golden age, but I couldn’t find a decent picture and I don’t really know much about her.

So I decided to just stick with the theme of the month and dedicate my part in the proceedings to Julia Carpenter, the second Spider-Woman. Julia made her debut in the original Secret Wars mini-series from 1984. She was given spider powers by a secret government organization that was trying to create its own superheroes. This was probably around the time that Jessica had lost her super powers (that can happen if your book gets canceled), leaving a female-Spider-Man void in the Marvel Universe.

Julia never had her own book. She hooked up with the West Coast Avengers (where she was hit on by, you guessed it, Hawkeye) and the short-lived spinoff team Force Works. Jessica eventually got her powers back and reclaimed the Spider-Woman title. Julia is now the second Madame Web, whoever that is.

And since I’m now crediting artists, the above striking image is by the Brothers Hildebrandt.



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