Seven Days of Knight

It’s Bat-Week! Or, to use the phrase E-Becks loves so much, Dark Knight Week.

Can you believe I’ve never dedicated a week of The Report to Batman? I’ve dedicated an entire wall of the RROYCave to him. And a quarter of my office space to him. Yet I’ve never given him the respect he deserves online.

Well, that will be rectified right now. Join me for the next seven days of batarang tossing, Joker punching, Riddle Me Thising and Catwoman lusting as we celebrate the greatest superhero who isn’t Hawkeye. And just in time for the opening of his latest cinematic enterprise — “The Dark Knight Rises.” Funny how that all works out, timing-wise.

As these things usually go, you’d better go home now and study. There will be a test tomorrow. Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Blog.


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