Test Your Batmanology

How big a Batfan are you? Let’s find out.

1. What is NOT a nickname for Batman

(a) The World’s Greatest Detective (b) Bats (c) The Caped Crusader (d) The Dark Knight (e) The Man in Black

2. Bob Kane is credited as the creator of Batman. Who is generally considered the character’s uncredited co-creator?

(a) Bill Finger (b) Jerry Robinson (c) Sheldon Moldoff (d) Dick Sprang

3. Some days you just can’t get rid of

(a) The Joker (b) a bomb (c) the paparazzi (d) Robin

4. Whom of the following has NOT been Robin

(a) Dick Grayson (b) Jason Todd (c) Rick Jones (d) Tim Drake (e) Carrie Kelly (d) Stephanie Brown (e) Damian Wayne

5. List these Bat-villains in order of debut appearance

(a) Joker (b) Catwoman (c) Riddler (d) Penguin (e) Two-Face (f) Mr. Freeze (g) Poison Ivy (h) Bane

6. True/False: Batman never uses a gun

7. Riddle Me This: There are three men in a boat with four cigarettes but no matches. How do they manage to smoke?

8. Ra’s al Ghul’s criminal organization is known as

(a) The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (b) The League of Women Voters (c) The League of Assassins (d) The Little League

9. Damian Wayne is the son of Bruce Wayne and

(a) Talia Al Ghul (b) Selina Kyle (c) Vicki Vale (d) Julie Madison

10. Which actress has NOT played Catwoman

(a) Julie Newmar (b) Michelle Pfeiffer (c) Eartha Kitt (d) Anne Hathaway (e) Lee Meriwether (f) Jessica Alba (g) Halle Berry

11. Which actor has NOT played Batman

(a) Michael Keaton (b) Phillip Seymour Hoffman (c) Christian Bale (d) Robert Lowery (e) Val Kilmer (f) Adam West (g) Lewis Wilson (h) George Clooney

12. The Joker put Batgirl in a wheelchair for several years (she recently got better) in the story

(a) The Killing Joke (b) The Laughing Fish (c) The Dark Knight Returns (d) The Joker’s Five Way Revenge

13. The Joker’s girlfriend (at least in her mind) is

(a) Jokerette (b) She-Joker (c) Harley Quinn (d) The Laughing Lady

14. True/False: Batman is a member of The Avengers

15. Riddle me this, riddle me that…

(a) Why is Selina dressed like a cat? (b) How did Penguin get so fat? (c) Why is Jervis mad as a hat? (d) Who’s afraid of the big, bad bat?

16. The Penguin owns a nightclub/casino called

(a) The Penguin’s Nest (b) The Iceberg Lounge (c) The Arctic Chill (d) The Bird Cage

17. True/False: Batman once teamed up with The HULK

18. What is the name of Batman’s dog

(a) Rex (b) Ace (c) Fido (d) Liberty

19. What is the name of Batman’s cat

(a) Streaky (b) Garfield (c) Bill (d) Are you crazy? Batman doesn’t have a cat

20. Who has NOT adopted the identity of Batman

(a) Dick Grayson (b) Bruce Wayne (c) Jean Paul Valley (d) Damian Wayne


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