The Bat-Answers

Put down your bat-pencils. Let’s check your work.

1. What is NOT a nickname for Batman

(e) The Man in Black

2. Bob Kane is credited as the creator of Batman. Who is generally considered the character’s uncredited co-creator?

(a) Bill Finger

3. Some days you just can’t get rid of

(b) a bomb

4. Whom of the following has NOT been Robin

(c) Rick Jones

5. List these bat-villains in order of their debut appearance

(a) Joker and Catwoman (both debut in Batman 1, 1940) (d) Penguin (1941) (e) Two-Face (1942) (c) Riddler (1948) (f) Mr. Freeze (1959) (g) Poison Ivy (1966) (h) Bane (1993)

6. False: While “Batman never uses a gun” has been his motto for decades, Batman carried a gun in his first few appearances.

7. Riddle Me This: There are three men in a boat with four cigarettes but no matches. How do they manage to smoke?

They threw one cigarette overboard to make the boat a cigarette lighter.

8. Ra’s al Ghul’s criminal organization is known as

(c) The League of Assassins, called The League of Shadows in Batman Begins

9. Damian Wayne is the son of Bruce Wayne and

(a) Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s

10. Which actress has NOT played Catwoman

(f) Jessica Alba

11. Which actor has NOT played Batman

(b) Phillip Seymour Hoffman

12. The Joker put Batgirl in a wheelchair for several years (she recently got better) in the story

(a) The Killing Joke

13. The Joker’s girlfriend (at least in her mind) is

(c) Harley Quinn

14. True/False: Batman is a member of The Avengers

False. Batman is in the Justice League. How many times must we go through this?

15. Riddle me this, riddle me that…

(d) Who’s afraid of the big, bad bat?

16. The Penguin owns a nightclub called

(b) The Iceberg Lounge

17. True. The first superhero crossover between Marvel and DC was Superman/Spider-Man. The second was Batman/HULK.

18. What is the name of Batman’s dog?

(b) Ace-The Bat Hound

19. What is the name of Batman’s cat?

(d) Batman doesn’t have a cat. He does have a thing for Catwoman.

20. Who has NOT adopted the identity of Batman

(d) Damian Wayne


20-16: You may borrow the keys to the Batmobile

15-10: Hardly worthy of the World’s Greatest Detective

9-5: You are no threat to The Riddler

4-0: If you were a bat-villain, you’d be Tweedledum


One response to “The Bat-Answers

  1. Steve Sagarra

    Yay! I get the keys to the Batmobile! I did miss the Villain Debut (thought Riddler was before Two-Face) & Riddle Me This questions. Good stuff!

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