At The Comic Book Shop: Hawkeye 1

No, this isn’t Carrie. Obviously. Yes, I’m still at LawyerCon. But there’s an important comic going on sale today and I need to get the word out today so you can all go out and buy it today because tomorrow may be too late.

“Hawkeye” issue 1, the latest in the seemingly endless attempts by Marvel Comics to get people to realize that their archer is better than DC’s, goes on sale today.

Go to your local comic book shop and buy it. I ask you to do this every damn time there’s a new Hawkeye book out. And yet they keep getting canceled. I know you often don’t listen to me, but this time I’m beggin’ you. If this comic doesn’t sell, I can’t imagine them giving Clint another chance any time soon. At least not until “Avengers 2.”

Plus, if it’s successful then I won’t have to keep bugging you about it.

Since I haven’t read the book, we’ll have to talk about it in greater detail next week. That’s assuming I can find a comic book shop here in Charleston.

Oh, and Carrie, if you want to go ahead and review it later today — have at it.


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