What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars 08.01.12

Yes, I’m still at LawyerCon. Yes, Carrie should be along shortly to entertain you. But the calendar waits for no man and so thanks to the magic of writing-something-in-advance-and-setting-it-to-post-while-you’re-gone, welcome to the eighth installment of the 2012 edition of What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars.

Secret Avengers

August marks our third and final month featuring Hawkeye in my freebie Marvel Comics calendar. It’s all downhill from here, I suppose.

The Secret Avengers is a covert superhero squad formed by Steve Rogers (Captain America) back in 2010 . Like any good covert group their job is to keep to the shadows and do the dirty work that needs to be done. Earlier this year Cap stepped down from leading the group and put his old pal Hawkeye in charge. I never read the book before Clint signed up and the current lineup only had one adventure together before the book got hijacked by the “Avengers vs. X-Men” silliness, so it’s too early to judge how good or bad it is. Pictured are Black Widow, Captain Britain, Beast, Hawkeye, Giant Man and Valkyrie. (art by Art Adams)


The official Women of Marvel calendar has turned this month over to one of my favorite X-Woman, Elizabeth Braddock. If you’re wondering what’s up with the Greg Land picture at left, sit back while I give you the abridged version of the convoluted story of Psylocke.

Betsy was originally a British lass (sister of Captain Britain, see above) with the mutant power of telepathy. Or telekinesis. Or both. I get those powers mixed up, usually because characters with one of those powers usually ends up with both. She dressed in pink and had lavender hair and is represented by the right side of the image.

In the late ’80s/early ’90s, Betsy’s mind and body were merged with that of an asian assassin. She still has the telekinesis/telepathy thing going for her, but now she has ninja assassin skills as well. This is the current status quo for Psylocke and is represented by the left side of the image. Some fans prefer original British Betsy while others prefer brit/asian Betsy. I prefer the latter.


In honor of what appears to be our never-ending heat wave, I’m dedicating this month in the unofficial RROY REPORT Women of Marvel calendar to one of the company’s hottest heroines — Firestar.

Angelica “Angel” Jones got her start not in comics, but in the 1980’s Saturday morning cartoon “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.” She is a mutant with the ability to generate heat and flame via microwave radiation. In the cartoon she was affiliated with the X-Men, while in the comics she hung out with the New Warriors and later joined The Avengers. I have no idea where she sides on the whole AvX mess. (art by George Perez)


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