So, About That RROY REPORT Idol Thing

So here it is the last night of LawyerCon and instead of drinking free booze in the hospitality suite here I sit in the business office dealing with blog issues because dammit, I just love you people so much.

You know how at the Miss America Pageant they always say that the first runner up will assume the duties of the winner in the event the winner can’t do them? I always thought that was kinda silly. Until now. It turns out that our 2012 RROY REPORT Idol is dealing with some stuff and is unable to fool around with this silly blog.

So I turned to our first runner up, Ryan Fagan of Charlottesville, North Carolina, and ask him if he would like to pitch in. He said “No, you loser,” and then told me I could run his classic Coke story from his blog if I was desperate.

I would post a photo of Fagan but this weird business center computer won’t let me steal photos off other webpages. Fagan is a writer at the Sporting News so you can look him up there if you’re curious. Or go to the “Know Your RROY REPORT Cliques” post and he’s there in the Executive Committee. Guess which one.



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