We May (not) Be Coming To Your Town

Last week Sister2 emailed me in the impassioned excitement that can only be expressed through ALL CAPS.


Sister2 and I don’t agree on many things. She likes Archie Comics, not Marvel. She’s a cat person. She’s been known to listen to New Country. She still watches “Glee,” I think. But one thing we do share is our love for Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz and Mike Nesmith.

We were too young to catch The Monkees when they originally toured, but we were there for the first reunion tour in the 1980s. I supposedly saw them a second time but for some reason have no memory of it. I think S2 saw them a third time.

They’ve probably been around a few other times, but that first time was really enough. It was a great show, but my favorite Monkee has always been Mike, and he was never on any of those tours, so I didn’t need to see them more than once.

So now, in the wake of Davy’s death, the survivors are going on the road. WITH MIKE. While I can’t really imagine The Monkees without Davy, I was never a big fan of his songs (except for “Daydream Believer” and a couple of others), and I SO WANT TO SEE MIKE NESMITH IN CONCERT.

Oh, but guess who’s not coming to St. Louis? Why, Monkees? Why must you toy with me? I don’t want to drive to Chicago. I really don’t want to drive in Chicago. St. Louis isn’t that bad. The Zoo is free. We’ve got this big arch thing that people are fond of.

Please rethink your schedule.


2 responses to “We May (not) Be Coming To Your Town

  1. Now this could make a fine date with your lovely wife. Take the train to Chicago, have a nice dinner, see the Monkeys in concert, stay at a nice hotel and relax, then a peaceful train ride back home.

  2. OK, first of all Scott, it’s “Monkees,” not “Monkeys.” Sigh ………
    Second, you may be onto something here. A roundtrip Amtrak ticket is just $56 from St. Louis to Chicago … if I travel with Ron, the Wife and Son – provided the Wife and Son want to go – we could surely find a hotel near The Chicago Theatre to spend the night after the concert. It’s only a 6 hour train trip each way … Ron and I could listen to the entire Monkees CD catalog AND have time to read a few Archie/Marvel comics. Or, better yet, I could take my portable DVD player and we could watch Every Single Episode – yes, all 58 episodes – of their too-short-lived TV series.

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