Hawkeye Update (with special guest)

All summer, in fact this thing may have started back in the spring, the Avengers and the X-Men have been going at it in this year’s big event from Marvel: AvX.

I’ve been avoiding it as best I can (which isn’t easy given that three of the titles I currently collect have been dragged into the story) figuring I’ll pick up the collected edition on Amazon for a fraction of the cost of the comics and write it off as a Christmas gift.

In addition to the main mini-series, “AvX,” there’s a companion book called “AvX vs.” which is nothing but dragged out fight scenes — 2 per issue. You think that’s stupid, and you’re right, but Marvel can’t make all its money this year off the Avengers movie.

In comic shops tomorrow is the fifth issue of “AvX vs.” starring the reason we’re all here: Hawkeye. And which X-Man has the honor of going up against Clint Barton? None other than the high-flying Angel.

What are the odds? My favorite Avenger vs. my favorite X-Man? I don’t know how I feel about this. Obviously I want them both to win. Obviously they can’t both win.

I suppose I should be glad they’re fighting each other, at least this way I know one of my favorites will win. Otherwise they probably would’ve put Hawkeye up against Wolverine and Angel up against Captain America and they both would’ve lost.

But if push comes to shove we all know I’m rooting for Clint. I love Warren Worthington III but let’s face it, he hasn’t been the same since they recently “killed” him in X-Force and brought him back as a lobotomized shell of his former self.

Logically, Clint Barton shouldn’t have any trouble taking down a giant bird man, especially one who doesn’t have any of his old fighting skills or training, but then this is the same series that had the audacity to let Emma Frost beat Thor, so clearly morons are running this show. I wouldn’t bet on either outcome.

The issue also features Storm fighting Black Panther, a fight I couldn’t care less about. Although Marvel is apparently using this story as an excuse to annul their ill-conceived marriage, which is fine by me.


One response to “Hawkeye Update (with special guest)

  1. The writer was clueless and terrible. Angel got robbed. This whole fight was a hack job :\
    Nice art though.

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