Fun With Facebook Numbers

The other day a friend posted the following: Help us get to 7 million likes! “Like” and share to show you’re with Mitt.

My first thought was: “Seven million? Impressive. I wonder how his opponent is doing.”

So I looked it up: Barack Obama – 28 million likes. Ouch. Not so impressive now. Better get to working on that, Mitt. Or maybe you should convince Obama to let your running mates trade places. Paul Ryan has 3 million likes; Joe Biden has a measly 338 thousand.

It’s a slightly closer race among my friends. 13 of my friends like Obama; 11 of my friends like Romney. 7 of my friends like Ryan; none of them like Biden.

So naturally that lead to other, bigger questions: Who/What else is more/less liked than our presidential candidates?

The Beatles: 29 million; 19 friends

The Who: 2 million; 0 friends. (Romney and Obama are more popular than The Who? That’s just not right.)

Billy Joel: 1 million; 5 friends. (this is also depressing.)

Star Wars: 8 million; 2 friends.

William Shakespeare: 3 million; 0 friends (apparently The Wife doesn’t know you can “like” Will on FB)

Jane Austen: 600K, 0 friends (see above); hey , she has more likes than Biden.

Stan Lee: 349K — Jack Kirby: 3K. Jane Austen has more likes than Stan Lee and Jack Kirby combined? That makes no sense. HULK could kick Mr. Darcy’s ass without even trying.

John Lennon: 8M (2 friends) — Paul McCartney: 2M (2 friends).  Paul Ryan has more likes than Sir Paul? That’s the wrongest thing I’ve seen in this study so far.

Wal-Mart: 20M (14 friends)

Target: 19M (23 friends)

McDonald’s: 22M (1 friend)

Subway: 16M (8 friends)

Chick Fil A: 6M (12 friends)

Hooters: 2M (2 friends)

Marvel: 4M (1 friend)

DC: 814K (2 friends)

Batman: 5M (1 friend). Batman only has 5 million likes? Who the hell doesn’t like Batman? You do realize you’d all be dead right now due to Joker Toxin if not for Batman, right?

Superman: 2M. Also pathetic, but at least it’s lower than Batman.

The Big Bang Theory: 23M (11 friends). Bazinga, indeed.

Downton Abbey: 639K (3 friends)

Star Trek: 2M (3 friends). I would’ve thought there would be more Trekkies out there. They must still be on MySpace.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 1M (3 friends). Errrrr, Arrgh.

The Daily Show: 3M (10 friends)

The RROY REPORT: 93(no K or M. Just 93) (54 friends). I won’t be running for public office any time soon.


One response to “Fun With Facebook Numbers

  1. Gutless turds on FB: 1

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