New TV Roundup: Fall 2012

Last year I spent a few weeks subjecting myself to new TV shows so I could write about them here. A few were quickly canceled (“Charlie’s Angels,” That show about the Playboy Club), a few muddled along without me and I stuck around to watch three of them: “Person of Interest,” “New Girl” and — God help me I don’t know why — “Two Broke Girls.”

(OK, I do know why: Kat Dennings. But it’s getting harder and harder to sit through this foolishness just for Kat.)

So let’s quickly go through what has caught my attention this year.

REVOLUTION. I love them dystopian future stories, and here’s another one. All the power goes off and no one can get it back on. Several years later everything is pretty much anarchy. There’s  a small, secret group of people out there who know how to get the power back on but won’t because it’s a mystery.

We’re three episodes in and I’m enjoying it for the most part. I liked the lead girl (whose name I can’t be bothered to look up) in the first episode but she’s getting more and more annoying as time goes on. I have a bad feeling this show may be this year’s “Terra Nova” in that it will probably be canceled long before anything gets cleared up. I’m sticking with it — for now.

666 PARK AVENUE. John Locke is reborn as Satan and he owns a mysterious hotel in Manhattan. A couple is hired to run the place and they’re going to be the central protagonists of the show. I’ve only seen one episode so far and it’s too early to say if it will be any good, but it’s interesting enough that I’ll give it a few episodes.

ELEMENTARY. I’m not a fan of Sherlock Holmes and I’m not a fan of police procedurals but I do like Lucy Liu so I gave this a shot. It was fine but I found myself losing interest midway through the second episode. I’m really not interested in murder-of-the-week shows, even ones with Lucy Liu.

THE MINDY PROJECT. Once again I’m watching a show because I like the lead actress but I really have a hard time buying Mindy Kaling as a doctor. Plus I don’t particularly like the character or any of her co-workers. Plus I feel like I’m watching “Bridget Jones’s Diary: The Series” and that’s not a good thing. But it’s just a half hour of my time so I may stick with it for a while. I wasn’t crazy about “New Girl” last year either but it grew on me.

I probably should’ve waited for “Arrow” to debut before doing this as that’s the only other new show I plan on checking out, but it will probably deserve its own post anyway.



One response to “New TV Roundup: Fall 2012

  1. Greg and I are liking Revolution. And, I heard it has been picked up for season 2, so hopefully we can get some answers 🙂

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