At the Movies: Seven Psychopaths

Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell and Tom Waits star in the new movie “Seven Psychopaths.” Why do I need to review this? Who wouldn’t want to see a movie with that cast and that title?

Sadly, a lot of people. But they don’t know what they’re missing.

Farrell stars as Marty Faranan, a screenwriter struggling with writer’s block while working on his latest script — “Seven Psychopaths.” Marty’s having trouble coming up with enough psychopaths and, strangely, he doesn’t want his movie to be all bloody carnage, but a tale of peace, love and understanding.

Maybe he should’ve picked a different title.

Trying to help Marty out is his best friend Billy Bickle (Rockwell). Billy is an actor who makes ends meet through a dognapping operation he runs with partner Hans (Walken). Billy steals the dogs and Hans returns them to their owners where he’s usually given a generous reward.

One day Billy makes the mistake of stealing a dog from gangster Charlie Costello (Harrelson), a true psychopath. Charlie wants his beloved pooch back and will kill anyone and everyone that gets in his way.

Sure, “Seven Psychopaths” has lots of gunfire, some stabbings, a couple of throat slittings and one exploding head — but it’s so much more than a mad slasher movie. There are layers upon layers to this film. It features multiple stories and most feed back into the main plot. I don’t want to say anymore, it’s best to let it unfold without much advance knowledge.

The actors are all great and the movie is funny, smart and violent. Writer-director Martin McDonagh mined similar territory in his previous film, the wickedly entertaining “In Bruges.” “Seven Psychopaths” is even more fun.

It’s more fun than you should probably have with seven psychopaths.



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