For the Record: Chris Brashear – Heart of the Country

Bluegrass legend Chris Brashear spent many years on the folk music circuit playing festivals and whatnot until he’d honed his skills enough to release a solo album, “Wanderlust,” in 2000. He’s kept busy with various projects since then but he’s finally back with a second solo offering — “Heart of the Country.”

It’s a wonderful baker’s dozen of tunes guaranteed to make you smile, make you think, tap your toes and sing along. Buy a copy. Now.

And I’m not just saying this because he’s an old college chum who still owes me $20.

Unlike most bluegrass albums (or at least every bluegrass album I’ve ever heard), “Heart of the Country” forgoes the usual format of 50 percent songs with vocals and 50 percent instrumentals. There are no instrumentals. It’s 13 heartfelt songs about momma, trains, summertime and rivers. What more could you possibly want?

Nine of the songs were written by Brashear, including my favorites — “Time The Perfect Stranger,” This Oregon Country,” “This River Wants To Run” and “Today I Saw The Longest Train.”  But hey, they’re all good songs. And Chris is backed by a team of very accomplished musicians.

You can pick up the CD at a variety of places online, or directly from Chris. I’m including this link because from there you can listen to “Time The Perfect Stranger.” You’ll be glad you did.


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