What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars 110112

Only two more months to go. Time flies when you’re counting down to Mayan Armageddon.

Fantastic Four

Marvel’s first family is the focus of my freebie Marvel calendar for November. I don’t have much new to say about the FF. Johnny’s back. Was he dead this time last year? I can’t remember. I know he died a while back — it was in all the papers — but turns out he was just chillin’ in the Negative Zone.


Well, this is a surprise. Sif — longtime, longsuffering girlfriend of The Mighty Thor — gets a spot in the official Women of Marvel Calendar. This marks Sif’s first appearance in the WoM series and she’s a welcome addition.

In ancient myth, Lady Sif is the wife of Thor, God of Thunder, and is known for her long golden hair. In Marvel Comics, Thor has the long, blonde hair and so Sif became a brunette. Sif and Thor aren’t married because marriage never goes well for superheroes, even if they’re gods. And of course she had to compete with that pesky Jane Foster.

 Sif appeared in last year’s “Thor” movie played by Jaimie Alexander. She will be the featured character in the Marvel comic “Journey Into Mystery” beginning this month.


So many women of Marvel, and only two slots left to fill in the Unofficial RROY REPORT Women of Marvel Calendar. Too many choices. It’s too many choices.

After weeding out a variety of B-listers I decided to settle with Greer Grant Nelson, aka Tigra the werewoman. She’s not one of my favorites, but she has a long and interesting history.

Greer began her superhero career as The Cat, in the comic “Claws of the Cat” 1 published in 1972. Created by Roy Thomas, Linda Fite and Marie Severin, The Cat was a costumed crimefighter designed to appeal to girls. Unfortunately, most girls don’t read superhero comics and the book lasted a whopping four issues. She was then revamped as a super-powered, tiger-like character named Tigra. (The Cat costume was later adopted by longtime Marvel character Patsy Walker who became Hellcat.) Tigra’s costume is, indeed, a bikini. It might seem inappropriate but hey, she’s covered in fur and spandex over fur is just too hot.

Tigra wasn’t much more popular than The Cat, and Greer just bounced around as a guest star in Marvel Comics for a bit and eventually joined The Avengers, then later became a mainstay of the organization’s west coast branch. Today she’s one of the instructors at Avengers Academy, but that book’s scheduled to end soon so who knows where she’ll show up next.

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