Room At The Pub!

Regular readers of the Report know that my favorite post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s Eve holiday tradition is the Executive Committee Holiday Dinner. It is run by Yellow, despite the fact that for the past two years we have had “issues” with the restaurant she chose.

I decided to give her another chance because (a) I don’t want to do it, and (b) no one else wants to do it. This year she decided we would go to Hendricks BBQ, which had recently opened in the old waterworks building in St. Charles. I agreed to this decision because (a) I know how to spell Hendricks, unlike previous choices, and (b) nothing says the holidays like barbecue.

Messages were conveyed, meetings were held, reservations were made. Attendance was down, but I’ve given up on trying to get a dozen people to agree on a time and place to gather for food and fellowship. We did it once, maybe some day we’ll do it again.

I had never been to Hendricks before and when I arrived I noticed there was no parking. Since I don’t park on the street and The Wife wasn’t there to park for me, I turned around and found a lot nearby. I went inside and was surprised to find the place was packed — the waterworks building doesn’t have a stellar track record with restaurants. I found the gang — Yellow, Trent, Gabe, Melfy and Greg — sitting at a large table. We had finally found a restaurant that took reservations and had enough room for all of us. Kudos to Hendricks. Of course, a group of 7 isn’t quite as challenging as a group of 12 or more.

Fagan arrived late, as expected. Mel texted to say she wasn’t going to make it, as expected. We had a good couple hours of visiting despite Fagan and Yellow constantly checking their phones, as expected.

The decor at Hendricks is … interesting. One wall has records stapled to the wall, a couple of walls have paintings of musicians. There’s a large neon sign with a pig’s head that looked suspiciously like the logo from Piggly Wiggly. There are pink pigs hanging from the ceiling — like being at a Pink Floyd show with barbecue. Oddest of all, there’s a painting on one wall of a pig, a cow, a chicken and maybe some other animals floating in the clouds with halos over their heads. I guess that’s to assure us that it’s OK to eat the animals as they are all in heaven now.

The food was good. I was surprised to see Shrimp and Grits on the menu — a delicacy we just discovered this summer at LawyerCon. I decided to go with the pulled pork sandwich, because the first time you eat at a barbecue place you should really eat barbecue.

We ate, we drank, we talked, we went home. I wish I had a better story but it’s really not as funny when everything goes according to plan. Let’s hope things get screwed up somehow next year.



2 responses to “Room At The Pub!

  1. Looks like separate checks.

  2. Sorry I missed it!

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