What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars 012013

Happy New Year and welcome back to Year 3 of our semi-popular 12-part series — What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars.

Once again What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars is brought to you by Marvel Comics, which supplies a freebie calendar to comic shops in late December, and loyal reader Jan O’Brien, who this year supplied me with an Avengers Movie calendar. That’s right, every month this year we’ll be reliving the greatness that was last year’s top movie. Something to look forward to.

Superior Spider-Man

ssThe Marvel freebie calendar opens with the latest incarnation of Marvel’s most popular hero. If you follow trending subjects on the Internet, you are probably aware that once again Peter Parker — the amazing one — has died. But don’t despair, his body has been taken over by his arch-enemy Doctor Octopus.

Yes, it’s the old body-swap story. Doc Ock has decided to take over Peter’s job, becoming not just a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but a Superior one. Ock has an ego on him, you might say. I’m guessing this will be the status quo for the next six months to a year, depending on how long Marvel figures they can milk it.

Captain America

WE73100ZMy Avengers movie calendar begins appropriately with the First Avenger: Captain America. I still don’t know why he’s considered the first since Thor has been around for ages. Maybe it’s because he’s the first American superhero — and that’s all that matters.

Cap’s Marvel Studios movie career began in 2011 with “Captain America: The First Avenger,” continued in last year’s “The Avengers” and will pick up in April 2014 with “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

Fun Fact: Chris Evans has played two Marvel superheroes in his movie career — Captain America and Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, in the “Fantastic Four” movies.



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