I Ain’t Gonna Cook In Maggie’s Kitchen No More

You all remember the Maggie story. She came to the Journal. She became my best friend for about 8 months. She left me.

Now that I think on it, that’s not exclusively the Maggie story.

46357_109705575874660_1333371466_aMaggie went to Chicago. She got married. She moved to L.A. She currently lives in Brooklyn. Somewhere along the line she changed her career path from journalist to chef. Why didn’t I think of that? Probably because the only things I can cook are chili and taco meat.

Last week Mags took her talents to the World Wide Web. She is now offering recipes and healthy eating advice at: http://maggieccallahan.wordpress.com/

Be warned before you click that link: Maggie is very big on vegetables and eating right. Hard to believe we were ever friends. But then I have a lot of friends with crazy political beliefs, so I can handle one person who thinks booze and sugar and caffeine are — get this — bad for you.

You can also “friend” Mags’ Kitchen on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/magsckitchen

Uh, I just noticed something. The Mags’ Kitchen Facebook page was created three days ago and has 123 likes. The RROY REPORT Facebook page was created in 2009 and has 94 likes. How is that possible?

Don’t answer. Rhetorical question. I’m fully aware of how that’s possible.

bon appétit


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