Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

The 11th annual trivia night fundraiser for the Center for Autism Education took place Friday night at the Moose Lodge — or is it the Elks Lodge? I can never get those straight — in O’Fallon.

We’ve been doing these things for I believe 10 years now and it’s always been a good time. This year the organizer decided to make some changes. I did not approve of any of them. Now, I love the CAE — they’ve done great things for my son and continue to do great things for my son — and I’m pretty sure I’ve never said a single critical thing about the CAE — which for me is unheard of.

So I won’t start now. Besides, if the changes resulted in more money for the program then who cares what I think? “Who cares what I think” is a good rule of thumb in most circumstances, to be honest.

Instead of our usual three teams this year we went back to the basics: Team Carrie Trent vs. last year’s defending champs Team Carrie Spalding. I hate Team Spalding. I’m confident they’re using deer antler spay and steroids to win but I can’t prove anything. Either that or they’ve got someone out in the parking lot with an Internet connection and they’re feeding him the questions through an earpiece.

Putting together Team Trent was a challenge this year but we finally ended up with a octet consisting of myself, Trent, Yellow, Melfy, Greg, Stana, Chris and Melissa. Then Melissa backed out at the last minute and we had to replace her with The Son because we’d forgot to arrange for a sitter. He wasn’t a lot of help but he enjoyed the snacks. It was pretty much like if Melissa had been there.


The questions were a bit tougher this year but we had a surprisingly well-rounded team as everyone was able to contribute answers. Even Trent, despite her obsession with Juliana Margulies — which was not the right answer. It helped that there was no sports section.

By the end we wound up in a three-way tie for ninth place out of 40-something teams. Team Spalding came in third. How I hate Team Spalding.


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