The Injustice Of Girls’ Night

Thursday, 7 p.m.

“Guess what I’m doing Saturday night?”

“Hmm. You said “I” not “we”… What are you and Christine up to now?”

“Not Christine. I’m going out for Daylight Savings Time Girls’ Night.”

“Women celebrate Daylight Savings Time?”

“It’s just an excuse.”

“If Christine’s not going, who is?”

“Melissa, Melfy, Carrie and Stevie. Kristin has the flu.”


“I know those names. Waitaminnut. Those are my friends. I met them at work. You wouldn’t know them without me. How do you get away with stealing my friends?”

“It’s not my fault all your friends are women. And it’s a scientific fact that women prefer to hang out with women. In fact, we only hang out with men when we have to.”

“Fine. Take my old friends. I’ll go out with my new friends — like Audrey, and Tina, and DAMMIT! Why are all my friends women?”

“Have you ever considered making friends with people from the comic book shop?”

“Seriously? You want me to bring comic book men around here?”

“What was I thinking? Forget I said anything.”

Friday, 12:30 p.m.

“Tina, what are you doing this weekend?”

“I don’t know. What are you doing?”

“Well, Laura’s going out for a girls’ night so Andrew and I will just be hanging out. You want to hang out?”

“Well, I’d like to see Laura.”

“I suppose you could go with her to girls’ night.”

“Oh… I wouldn’t want to impose.”

“Wait. You would rather go out with my wife and a bunch of strangers than hang out with me?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“No, but that’s what you’re thinking. I can tell.”

“Well, you did say it was a girls’ night.”

“*sigh* I’ll see if I can’t get you on the email list for next time.”

“That would be great.”

Friday, 1:15 p.m.

“Audrey, what are you doing this weekend?”

“I’m hoping it rains all weekend so I can stay in my pajamas and never leave the house. Why?”


Saturday, 6:30 p.m.

“I’m going now. Don’t wait up.”

“You know I will.”

“Don’t call.”

“If you’re home at a decent hour I won’t.”

“My phone won’t be on.”

“Tell my old friends I said ‘hi.'”

Saturday, 7 p.m.

liga_de_la_justicia_crisis_en_dos_tierras_2010_2[1]The Son and I go to Mario’s Deli and Donuts where I have a delicious gyro sandwich and he has chicken tenders and fries. After dinner we head to the library where I return “The Expendables 2” and look for something for the evening’s entertainment. I settled for “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths,” a direct-to-video release by DC Entertainment.

It was pretty good. The JL go to a parallel earth where the heroes are villains and vice versa. Lot of fighting. The animation was pretty sharp. Not big-screen quality but better than Saturday morning cartoon.

When it was over I wondered if sometimes do Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter go out for boys’ night and leave Wonder Woman alone at the Watchtower?

I would be Wonder Woman’s friend.


One response to “The Injustice Of Girls’ Night

  1. I can’t think of anything worse than hanging with a bunch of guys.

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