Spring Break At The State Cap II

Part Two: The Not-So-Thrilling Conclusion

The Fairfield Inn in Jefferson City has a pool, free breakfast, free wi-fi and a fitness room that I never saw the inside of. There is an ice machine on the first floor. I don’t recall ever being in a hotel that didn’t have an ice machine on every floor. Fortunately, the hotel was only three floors and there was never a long wait for the elevator.

Not the Liberty Bell

Not the Liberty Bell

Not only did the room have free HBO, it had five HBOs. There was HBO, HBO2, HBOfamily, HBOEast and HBOWest. Unfortunately, HBO has moved more and more into original programming, which does me no good. I’m not going to watch one episode of “Game of Thrones” if I’m not going to see the rest of it.

Wednesday morning we got up to check out the breakfast bar where I discovered the glory of Jimmy Dean’s sausage-egg-cheese biscuit. Forty-five seconds in the microwave followed by deliciousness washed down with black coffee. I had two every day for the next three days. I usually don’t eat breakfast.

The Wife went off to class and The Son and I went back to the room. Nothing on HBO so we wound up at the pool, where The Son spent time splashing about while I putzed around on the iPad. I eventually joined him in the hot tub, which was more a lukewarm tub, but better than the cold pool water.

Lewis, Clark, Seaman and a couple other guys. We have a better statue in St. Charles.

Lewis, Clark, Seaman and a couple other guys. We have a better statue in St. Charles.

After a couple hours poolside we decided to check out the town. We wound up at the Capitol Mall, which wasn’t much to speak of. Rather deserted, which was good as I could keep an eye on the boy no matter how far ahead of me he got. There was a sign for a food court so I figured we could get lunch there. The food court consisted of a Subway and a Stir Fry. Most Pathetic Food Court Ever. Through a window I spotted a Wendy’s across the street, so we went there.

After lunch we headed downtown to Antiquarium Books and Collectibles — Jefferson City’s lone comic book shop. It was OK. On the rack where the new books were was a sign stating THIS IS NOT THE LIBRARY and advising customers not to read the books. Oh, Comic Book Shop Owners, keep living up to those negative stereotypes.

The shop had a nice collection of statues and that’s always nice to look at, but I’m not in the market for any statues. The book selection was weak. I picked up a comic for a souvenir but when I got back in the car realized I’d got the wrong issue. Stupid comic book shops that put comics in plastic bags so you can’t check them first.

It was a nice day so we decided to walk up the hill and down High Street, which seemed to be the main drag. It was a nice downtown — lots of odd shops and restaurants. Lots of hills, too. I didn’t realize JC was so hilly.

I don't know who the guy in the back is.

I don’t know who the guy in the back is.

Got back to the inn and waited for The Wife to return. She recommended the Ecco Lounge, the self-proclaimed oldest restaurant in town. It looked like a bit of a dive from outside but we’re OK with that as long as the food is good. It was.

After dinner we went back to the mall so The Son could get some more exercise. The Wife was delighted to discover it was Clinique Bonus Time at one of the department stores.

I thought about driving into Columbia on Thursday but Liz was out of town and Kiran never talks to me anymore and that’s a long drive for a Shakespeare’s Pizza so I decided we’d just go to the Capitol and walkabout after the usual breakfast and pool time.

The governor's hovel.

The governor’s hovel.

It was a nice day and the place was thick with little kids and older kids in blue denim jackets. We walked through the museum but since I’d seen it before and The Son didn’t care we didn’t stay long. Took some pictures around the capitol so I’d have art for these entries. Had lunch and then headed back to the inn, but we first stopped at a Barnes and Noble where I was able to pick up the comic book I thought I’d got the day before. It wasn’t wrapped in plastic so I could check it first. Since The Son had been such a good sport for two days, we went next door to the Dollar Store and got some chocolate marshmallow bunnies.

That night we went to the Arris Pizza Palace because it had gyros on the menu and spaghetti for the boy. It was tasty as all gyros are, but served with tiny squares of pita bread instead of wrapped up in one large pita shell. I didn’t know what to make of it so I tore up the pitas and ate it with a fork. Probably not the proper form but it still tasted the same.

Class was over at noon the next day, leaving us just enough time for a couple of Jimmy Dean sausage, egg and cheese biscuits, 90 minutes at the pool and then packing up and checking out. The drive home was in the daytime so we didn’t have to worry about the headlights.


2 responses to “Spring Break At The State Cap II

  1. A nice report on my home town! I used to ride my motorcycle on the land where that hotel is now. It was a friend’s family farm when I was a kid. I grew up a couple miles from there.

  2. JC is a cesspool populated by really bad people (Republicans).

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