Why Do The Monkees Hate Missouri?

We’ve been over this before (search “Monkees” in the archives) so I’ll do a brief recap before getting to the point:

I love The Monkees. My favorite Monkee is Mike Nesmith, aka Wool Hat. I did not see The Monkees when they toured in the ’60s as I was a wee lad living in the country and Pa would not have driven across a pasture to take me to a Monkees concert. I did see them when they did their first big reunion tour in the ’80s. Saw them twice, in fact. Mike was not with them. I do not have a bucket list but if I had one seeing Mike perform with The Monkees would be on it.

Davy dies. Mike agrees to join Mickey and Peter on a tribute tour. They did, like, 13 cities — none of them in Missouri. I cried and cried. (Not really, but I was pretty broken up about it.)

Oh well, it probably won’t be that good. Mike will probably bail midway through the tour.

I was wrong. Reviews were good. Mike didn’t bail. The setlist was awesome. I cried and cried. (For real this time.)

So imagine my excitement when Sister2 emailed me with news that the Prefab 3 were going out on tour again! A 24-date summer tour!




I don’t know if you can read the schedule, but I’ll spare you the trouble. There are no Missouri dates on the list. St. Louis. Kansas City. Springfield. Not even Branson! All shut out.

Why, Monkees? Why? What did the Show-Me State do to you? Weren’t we nice to you in the ’80s? I seem to recall they were pretty full venues and everyone was having a good time. Was it something Todd Akin said? Please don’t judge the entire state on one crazy person.

Sigh. The only show I could conceivably make is the one in Tulsa, Oklahoma, because Sister1 lives near there. But it’s Aug. 3 when I’ll be at LawyerCon. I can’t get out of that — we’ve already booked the airline tickets and hotel.

Oh no no no

Oh no no no




One response to “Why Do The Monkees Hate Missouri?

  1. I really feel now that I need to go if they are coming to a venue only an hour away if only in your honor.

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