What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars 052013

Well this won’t take long. Both my freebie Marvel calendar and my Avengers movie calendar give the month of May over to the Invincible Iron Man. Not exactly surprising given “Iron Man 3” opens Friday.

Iron-Man-in-The-Avengers-2012-Movie-Concept-ArtworkI don’t have much to say about the iron one. I was never a big fan of Iron Man in the comics or the cartoons. I thought about making this Iron Man Week but couldn’t come up with 20 decent trivia questions. And I couldn’t tell you what Iron Man comics to read as I’ve never read any really good ones. The best thing I can say about Iron Man comics is that Black Widow and Hawkeye debuted in them.

In fact, Robert Downey Jr. was the first person to make me care about Tony Stark. Comic book Tony Stark isn’t nearly as charming and charismatic.

STK517530FUN FACT: The Iron Patriot armor worn by James Rhodes in “Iron Man 3” was originally worn by Norman Osborn, aka Spider-Man’s arch nemesis The Green Goblin.



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