The Second Best Holiday Of The Year

You should already know this but I feel obligated to point it out anyway. Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Also Derby Day, but that isn’t important right now.

STK525555This is the 11th year for the annual event, which will be taking place at participating comic book shops, bookstores and libraries worldwide. It’s the second greatest holiday after Christmas, because you already know what your present is going to be — comic books!

And best of all, no one I know is getting married Saturday. My adopted niece and movie reviewing sidekick has a violin recital that day, but it’s in the afternoon so I should be able to swing it. Would it be rude to read comics while the other kids are performing?

Per tradition, several comics publishers are sending out special comics to be given away at no charge for one day only. Everything from Archie to the Walking Dead will be represented. Avoid the books that offer nothing but short promos for the comics a company sells. Get a comic that tells a story. That should be the point of this whole exercise.

Each shop handles things differently. Some will let you walk out with multiple freebies, some only one. So hit as many stores as you can. Sadly it doesn’t look like they’re giving away a HeroClix this year. Did they go out of business again?

If you can only get one free comic, I would recommend “Infinity” by Marvel. It’s kicking off some big Thanos story. Thanos being the big purple guy at the end of “The Avengers” movie. I haven’t read the book so I can’t speak to its quality but it’s the only one with Hawkeye on the cover and that’s enough for me.

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