What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars 062013

Is it me or is this bit getting old? Part of the problem is that I’ve got two calendars this year with a lot of overlap between them which doesn’t leave me much to say. I’m thinking I should put this in the attic with the Zorro-Kicks-Butt-O’Meter and the Pointless, Worthless List.

But until then, here’s what’s happening in June.

Captain America

CaptainAmerica_1_Cover_1See what I’m saying? Captain America had the featured slot in January on my Avengers movie calendar, now he shows up on my freebie Marvel calendar. I got nothing new to say about Captain America.

He’s got another movie coming out next year which I’m looking forward to more because Black Widow will be in it than because I want to watch another Captain America movie.  He’s currently trapped in Dimension Z or somesuch place in his comic book. I never really thought Cap worked well in science fiction stories but then I don’t read Captain America comics unless Hawkeye is in them.

The Avengers


Hey, look who’s featured in the Avengers movie calendar — it’s The Avengers! Why does Natasha have her back to the camera? No doubt to show off her assets, but then HULK’s leg is obscuring them. Clearly a pretty poor job of photoshopping several individual images into a group shot. I do like the giant Loki head in the background.

I suppose I could take this opportunity to address the various rumors flying about “Avengers 2,” but I try to avoid rumor-mongering. If and when it’s warranted, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.


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