An Archer’s Best Friend

I’ve been so caught up lately in opera and musical theater and summer movies that I’ve lost sight of the heart and soul of THE RROY REPORT: Dinosaurs and Hawkeye.

primeval_new_worldNot much news on the dinosaur front. My sister told me to watch some show on the SciFi Channel called “Primeval” about dinosaurs coming to the modern world via wormholes or something. I half-watched one episode that featured a “giant eel” and after 50 minutes of seeing a vague black thing swimming underwater the thing finally showed it’s face — and it was a snake face. Snakes are not eels! They don’t have the same shape face! And more important — THEY’RE NOT DINOSAURS.

The preview for the following week was about giant bees. What the hell? My sister assures me there were dinosaurs in the pilot, but I don’t have time to wait around the pilot to cycle around in reruns. SciFi channel sucks. No wonder they changed their name. Real SciFi would be offended.

tumblr_inline_mlu0nvg9F11qz4rgpWhich brings us to Hawkeye. Since our last Hawkeye update the best comic currently on the stands was nominated for 5 Eisner Awards. The Eisners are the comic book equivalent of the Academy Awards. They give them out at Comic-Con.

That’s more Eisner nominations than Superman, Batman, Wolverine, The Avengers and the X-Men got combined. In fact, none of those books got noms. Like most awards, the Eisners shun the popular and mainstream.

If you’re wondering why hawkeye is getting so much acclaim (and you shouldn’t be if you’ve been a regular reader here) then go to your local comic shop and pick up hawkeye 11, on sale today.  It’s the special Pizza Dog issue.

Pizza Dog, aka Lucky, is the dog that Clint Barton adopted in issue 1. This month’s entire issue is told from Lucky’s point-of-view. Writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja and colorist Matt Hollingsworth (the issue is colored using the visual spectrum of dogs) have crafted a fantastic example of what comics can do. It’s smart, it’s charming and the ending is surprising and heartrending.




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