At the Movies: Pacific Rim

Monday night I faced one of those dilemmas that crop up from time to time in the entertainment reviewing business: “South Pacific” or “Pacific Rim.”

Women singing about washing men out of their hair or giant monsters fighting giant robots. I sent the question to the House where the vote was unanimous for monsters v. robots. It then went to the Senate where there was also a unanimous vote for “Pacific Rim.” And they say Congress can’t get anything done.

Seems like it was all settled but then Madame President weighed in and next thing you know I’m at the Muny watching men dance around singing about dames.

The news of this veto did not sit well with my movie-going-buddy Paul, who had been bugging me for months about seeing “Pacific Rim.”


I tell him he can go without me. The studio people know him by now so they would be cool with it. Of course it would be better if he would write a review as well. To my surprise, he agrees to this arrangement. I give him three days to turn it in. This is what he sends me:

Pacific Rim…great movie…great story, it makes sense…great art direction…great acting…great directing…stay for after the main credits, you will know…see this movie. 

OK, so he’s an art teacher, not a writer. Still, it kinda makes you want to see the movie, doesn’t it?

But I should add this important disclaimer: Paul also thought “The Fountain” was a great movie.


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