Welcome to Year 15 of The RROY REPORT and the traditional changing of the header. I hope you appreciate the hard work that goes into lining up all these items and shooting a photo that is marginally in focus. If only I was any good at photoshop. Or knew a graphic designer.

captainamerica50 - happybirthdayWhat can you expect in Year 15? I dunno. I spent so much time getting the header right that I didn’t think about the future. More or less of the same, I suppose.

I’m thinking about doing a regular post of short bursts of random comments about things — this having to write out a whole long post about one subject gets tiresome. I mean, I could do a paragraph about “Under the Dome” but 300 words? Hardly.

But I’ve been thinking about doing that since Year 13 and haven’t got around to it. I guess I should open a twitter account but I just can’t pull that trigger. I’d wind up with probably 10 followers and get all depressed.

Hey, let’s not end on a down note. It’s The Report’s birthday! One more year and it will be able to drive! The Facebook page finally reached 100 fans recently (That 99 was really getting on my nerves)! Cake for all!*

*you’ll have to get your own cake. 

One response to “XV

  1. Congratulations … Happy Birthday … and thanks for providing “the finest entertainment news and commentary available.” (I got that straight off the RROY Report F.A.Q). I am proud to be one of the 9 charter members of the Report and look forward to the next decade!

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