Test Your Wolverology

Welcome to Day Two of The Wolverine Week. I hope you took my advice and studied all night. You don’t want to get a bad grade at the Jean Grey School for Gifted Youngsters. The headmaster is a real psycho.

1. Wolverine’s birth name is:

(a) James Howlett (b) Joel Bowerman (c) Johnny Slash (d) John Logan

2. Wolverine first appeared in an issue of:

(a) Tales of Suspense (b) Uncanny X-Men (c) Incredible HULK (d) Captain America

3. Which group has Wolverine not been a member of:

(a) The Avengers (b) Alpha Flight (c) Fantastic Four (d) X-Men (e) S.H.I.E.L.D. (f) Doom Patrol

url-3424. Wolverine’s claws, and most of his skeleton, is made of:

(a) Vibranium (b) Adamantium (c) Uru (d) Stainless Steel

5. True/False: Wolverine has bone claws underneath a metal coating

6. Wolverine was created by:

(a) Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (b) Roy Thomas, Len Wein and John Romita (c) Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko (d) Roy Thomas and John Buscema

7. Batman has Robin; Wolverine has:

(a) Jubilee (b) Gambit (c) Kitty Pryde (d) Armor

8. Wolverine once ran a covert mutant assassination squad known as:

(a) X-Factor (b) eXiles (c) X-Force (d) Xterminators

9. Which of the following has not been the title of a Wolverine comic series:

(a) Wolverine: Origins (b) Dark Wolverine (c) Wolverine: First Class (d) Wolverine: Weapon X (e) Wolverine: The Best There Is (f) Claws of the Wolverine (g) Savage Wolverine (h) Wolverine: MAX

x-men-origins-wolverine10. Hugh Jackman was not originally cast as Wolverine. Who was?

(a) Russell Crowe (b) Keanu Reeves (c) Dougray Scott (d) Christian Bale 

11. True/False: No other actor has portrayed the same superhero in as many films as Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

12. Wolverine’s only known (at this time) offspring is his son named:

(a) Daken (b) Kraken (c) Maklin (d) Javlin

13. X-23 is a female clone of Wolverine. Her real name is:

(a) Julie (b) Melissa (c) Tina (d) Laura

14. Wolverine was born in:

(a) The 1770s (b) The 1880s (c) The 1920s (d) 1974

15. What note did Wolverine scribble on the wedding invitation sent to the X-Men:

(a) We’re registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond (b) Bachelor party at Harry’s Hideaway (c) Hey elf, don’t forget the beer (d) Don’t tell Magneto

16. Wolverine has had many ill-fated loves, but primary among them would be:

(a) Jean Grey (b) Mariko Yashida (c) Silver Fox (d) Emma Frost

17. What is the name of the bar Wolverine owns on the cutthroat island of Madripoor?

(a) Harry’s Hideaway (b) The Princess Bar (c) Madri-pour (d) Hooters

18. What is Wolverine’s alias when running his bar?

(a) Rick (b) Sam (c) Harry (d) Patch

19. When Wolverine pops his claws what sound does it make?

(a) Shuckt! (b) Sluucctt! (c) Snikt! (d) Kabraddaboom!!

20. Metal was affixed to Wolverine’s skeleton through what secret program?

(a) Weapon X (b) The Wolverine Initiative (c) Canadian Super Solder Project (d) Claws R Us

Tomorrow: The Answers

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