What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars 082013

Time marches on and we keep track of it with our monthly segment, What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars. Today: What Super-types will represent the Dog Days of Summer?


Wow. Finally something new to talk about. I’m pretty sure we’ve never covered the Thunderbolts in this segment, but here they are gracing my freebie Marvel calendar.

2805223-2589826_thunderbolts_1_cvrThunderbolts has a long, unusual history. The team first appeared in the late ’90s with the gimmick that they were a bunch of supervillains pretending to be superheroes. Some of them decided they liked being heroes and with the help of Hawkeye they became an underground superhero team. The book was revamped a half-dozen times but usually kept the villains-as-heroes theme in some form.

The latest and current version features the Punisher, Electra, Deadpool and Venom being led by the Red Hulk, aka  Thaddeus E. “Thunderbolt” Ross. Get it — Thunderbolt Ross is leading a team called Thunderbolts! You  just know whoever thought that up at Marvel was ridiculously pleased with himself.

I don’t know much about the New Thunderbolts. The only time I ever read the comic was when Hawkeye was in it.

Black Widow

detailThe beautiful but deadly Natasha Romanov is in the spotlight this month on my Avengers movie calendar. This is not the image on the calendar. For some reason Google image search couldn’t find it. It is, however, just a blown up version of the picture of Natasha that’s in the group shot that ran back in June so check the archives if you care. How lazy were the people who made this calendar that they keep referencing the same art in the same product?

Black Widow fans will be pleased to know that she will be featured prominently in next year’s “Captain America” sequel. Poor Nat. Always the guest star, never the star. Joss Whedon has also promised she will play a major part in The Avengers sequel.

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