Depending on when you read this I will either be packing to go to Seattle, on a plane bound for Seattle or in Seattle.

That’s right. It’s the first week in August which means three things: Shark Week, LawyerCon and I turn the reins of the Report over to this year’s lucky winner of RROY REPORT IDOL.

This year we didn’t so much have a winner as an appointee. I got busy/lazy and didn’t get around to scheduling the usual five rounds of voting that results in our RRI. I wasn’t too upset about it, because I was just going to have last year’s winner — who was unable to perform her duties last year — perform her duties this year. But when I informed her of this, she informed me she was once again unable to perform her duties.

Does the Miss America Pageant have these troubles?

So in desperation I opened up the floor to volunteers. No one volunteered. It’s almost as if no one really wants this high honor. Or maybe everyone’s just being shy. Or feels they’re not worthy.

14246_168405215845_2625682_nSo once again in desperation I turned to the one man who I knew — well, figured — would not let me down. Your 2013 RROY REPORT IDOL: Aaron Brauer.

A native of Stockton, Missouri (next door to God’s Country), AB (as we like to call him) is a member of the awesome Stockton High School Class of 1983 (more on its awesomeness later). He is a poet, a conservative (but we don’t hold that against him) and he runs a construction company.

He also has a mighty fine blog for his own self at . It’s supposed to be about construction but it usually isn’t.

Anyway, please be polite to the new guy. I’m sure he’ll have some interesting things to say over the course of the week. And as always, the thoughts and opinions expressed by the participants of RROY REPORT IDOL are not necessarily those of the management. Unless they say nice things about me, in which case they’re spot on.

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