Aren’t you supposed to get votes to be an idol?

By Aaron Brauer

Here I was thinking that I had won some honor when Roy asked if I would accept the title of Roy Report Idol. How could I say no to something like that? Now I find out that this honor was bestowed upon me because apparently past winners didn’t fulfill their duties, and basically no one else wanted the job, and possibly because I was just naive enough to assume this was some kind of big deal. Another problem, I have a 2 1/2 year old son, so it goes without saying that I haven’t seen a full movie in… over 2 1/2 years.  So unless you count DVD’s that begin with Disney, or you want a full report on the current state of Nick Jr, I’m really going to be pretty useless in the entertainment review department. These being the circumstances, I find myself presented with a couple challenges. First, I feel obligated to entertain, as best I can. Second, I want to make sure that Ronnie never feels compelled to ask me to do this again. So how do I accomplish these two challenges? Simple I tell old embarrassing stories about Ronnie Roy, the boy reporter. Thanks for tuning in and stay tuned this week for “Stories about Roy”.


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