John Garrison and Jay Chism Lives For Joel Fest

By Aaron Brauer

In the old days, say around 1984 I made my first journey from Joplin, MO to Columbia for an event that Ronnie Roy had created called Joel Fest. It was a party not all that different from most college parties, but the music was completely devoted to Billy Joel. There were people from Gods country that I knew and lots of people that I had never met. I remember being up all night and thinking that If I had to hear the Stranger again I was going to jump off a building.  I also didn’t realize that this was going to become a yearly event which would become famous, but in certain circles, more famous for lack of attendance or a very poor attendance record, than the actual content of the party.

There was this guy, I can’t recall his name, but I’m pretty sure he used to be Roy’s roommate, anyway there were several years when the party was held at this guys apartment. ( From this point on i shall refer to this person as whats his name) On one occasion a girl that came to the party with charter frat member John Garrison was stopped in the front yard of what’s his names because she had stolen some item from the house. There was this other time after the Boy Reporter had gotten a job for some paper in the KC area when charter frat member Jay Chism actually decided to attend for the first time, but attempted to attend in KC when the party was actually at what’s his names place in Columbia. This began a multi year boycott of Joel Fest by Jay Chism because he felt the directions were vague, or he didn’t see the point, or some such reason. I was trying to remember if charter frat member Mike Crutcher ever attended at all. Lets just say if he did, it wasn’t very memorable.

I was never given frat status, but I could find Columbia and I think by my count I attended over 15 Joel Fests.  I even loaded Jay Chism up and brought him to St. Charles so that he could attend. I’m pretty sure I never tried to steal anything, but still no frat status. Hum.

So  if you were ever at a Joel Fest and if you can recall a memorable, or fun moment please take a minute to share it here.


One response to “John Garrison and Jay Chism Lives For Joel Fest

  1. Aaron,
    As I seem to recall, you along with Don Garrison were given lifetime pledge status. But on many an occasion, when it was decided that John needed to be kicked out for a while, you were elevated to full member position within the esteemed fraternity.

    Hail Cane Hill University

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