LawyerCon 2013: In Seattle (part two)

Day Two

Slept in, then made our way back down to the waterfront. Figured out the day before that if we went a few blocks down we would find a street not as steep as Madison to walk down.

100_1788The waterfront was filled with tourists and people selling stuff and people begging for money. Typical. There was a large ferris wheel that we walked  to but then decided against spending the money and waiting in the line to ride. We rode the one in London, that was good enough.

Walked the length of the riverfront then clawed our way through the claustrophobia of Pike’s Market. The flowers were nice and inexpensive but what can you do with a large bouquet of flowers in a hotel room? Walked past the original Starbucks which naturally had a long line to get in. I was quite happy with the coffee I can make in my hotel room so we didn’t stop.

By now it was time for Lar to attend the LawyerCon opening ceremonies so we left her to hike back up to the hotel while we continued exploring the city. We wound up in the Pioneer Square district which had neat shops, restaurants and architecture. I found a dive that served gyros and fish-and-chips — the perfect lunch stop for the son and me.

After lunch we returned to the hotel for the fifth airing of “The Bourne Legacy” (it was either that or the fifth airing of “The Rise of the Guardians”). Lar came to get us and we went downstairs for the traditional opening night happy hour, auction and slide show. Filled up on free appetizers and drinks then retired to our room.

Nothing good on the HBOs so we wound up watching “Shark After Dark” (LawyerCon always coincides with Shark Week) which featured some shirtless guy who really needed a shirt on and Tickle from “Moonshiners.” We would never have been caught dead watching such a thing in the privacy of our own home, but this is what happens to people stuck in a hotel room. No wonder rock stars trash them so often.

Day Three

Laurie was going to be in class all day so it was time to stop being a tourist and get down to business. First stop: Phoenix Comics and Games. This was the newest comic shop in Seattle and the longest walk from our hotel. It was also, as we discovered while walking there, not really the nicest part of town. I was glad The Wife wasn’t with us.

We got there a half-hour before opening because Andrew got up early and was raring to go and I miscalculated how long it would take us to walk it. I looked in the window when we arrived and could see it was small and neat and not very well stocked. I probably should’ve punted it but we’d walked this far and I wasn’t walking back here again so we wandered about for 30 minutes then returned.

Yep. It was small and neat and didn’t have anything of interest. I couldn’t even find the “X-Men” comic that I didn’t buy last week just so I would have something to buy there. Still, better than any comic book shop in Montana or Key West or any number of other locales that LawyerCon has taken me. We made the trek back to civilization and found a McDonald’s on Third Avenue where we had lunch. We then walked up Third to Zanadu Comics.

savagewolverine1variantmanara-1355165034Now this is more like it. Large,cluttered, stuffed to the gills with books and statues and posters and whatnot. Just what I’m looking for in a comic book shop.

Most notable was a set of Milo Manara Women of Marvel posters hanging overhead that I had not seen in any other shop, at home or away. I figured the chances of a poster surviving the flight home to be slight and the chances of Laura letting me hang a Milo Manara Women of Marvel poster in the basement even slighter. They also had a 2014 Women of Marvel calendar which looked much better than previous ones, but I didn’t buy it because who buys a calendar in August?

They did have the “X-Men” comic I couldn’t find at Phoenix, so I bought that and moved on. Returned to the hotel and caught the last half of “The Bourne Legacy” before it was time for the night’s big event.

You may recall that in my very first LawyerCon report (2001, Newport Beach) I referred to what I suspected was a secret war between bus drivers and lawyers. I made the claim because almost every time this group takes a bus anywhere, something goes wrong. It’s 12 years later and nothing’s changed.

100_1799We were told to meet in  the lobby at 5:30 p.m. to take a bus across town to The Edgewater hotel for an evening of food and music. Thirty minutes later the bus arrives. You may not think spending a half-hour in a hotel lobby stuffed with lawyers and their families is a big deal but then you’ve probably never spent a half-hour in a hotel lobby with lawyers and their families.

We eventually made it to the hotel and were escorted to a banquet room that was clearly not large enough to hold the crowd. I don’t know if people neglected to rsvp or what, but they dragged in a few more tables and crammed everyone in. It wasn’t as claustrophobic as Pike’s Market, but close. There were nice, large windows offering a lovely view of the Pacific — until someone came in and drew the curtains. The hotel may have been lovely but we didn’t see much of it other than the banquet room.

The Edgewater, I was told, is a very famous hotel. The Beatles played there in ’64 and Led Zeppelin was banned from there after something known as “the shark episode.” (Trust me, do not Wikipedia “the shark episode.”) That night the hotel decided to play up the Beatles connection over the Led Zeppelin one and had a Beatles tribute band as the entertainment.

As Beatles tribute bands go, they were OK. They got better as the night went on. I  think they were more interested in playing late Beatles music than the early stuff. They were better musicians than singers. The faux-George Harrison was especially talented playing the later stuff.

Of course, once you get a room full of lawyers drunk and on a dance floor, it really doesn’t matter how good the band is.

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