Last weekend I dragged The Wife 250 miles across the state to attend the Walnut Festival. This weekend she retaliated by dragging me 20 miles across town to the Visitation Academy Carnival.

To be fair, it wasn’t her idea. It was Christine’s. I wanted John, Christine and Emma to come over to our place and use our buy-one, get-one-free pizza coupon that was about to expire but then Christine mentioned that they were going to take Emma to Carnival and when Laurie heard about that it was all, “Viz Carnival! Let’s go to Viz Carnival! I haven’t been there since high school! It will be ever so much fun!”

How could I get out of that?

Well, the weather was almost on my side. The forecast was for thunderstorms and showers all day. But as is typically the case when it comes to St. Louis weather forecasting, the prediction did not match up to the reality. It did indeed begin to rain around 11 a.m. but by 2 p.m. the skies were cloudy but non-threatening. We met up with the Scallys around 2:30.

100_2044Viz Carnival consists of a half-dozen rides, games and food booths all set up in the school parking lot. I don’t ride rides anymore, just like I don’t run. Andrew seems to like them and Laurie is a good sport so they rode things with names like The Hurricane and The Tornado along with Emma and John while Christine and I watched from the safety of solid asphalt.









After about an hour we had used up all our tickets and everyone seemed to have their fill of riding dangerous, thrilling carny rides. So Laurie and Christine picked up some Viz T-shirts and we made our way to the nearest sports bar for dinner. We didn’t get to see any nuns but we figured they were waiting for the band to finish setting up so they could come out and join the dance that takes place that night.




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