TV Time: What I’m Watching (And Not Watching)

Normally this time of year I spend a few weeks checking out new shows and writing about them. But when this Fall arrived I decided I couldn’t be bothered. I did tape a few new shows with the intent of reviewing them, but they kept stacking up on the DVR and as time moved on my interest kept waning.

So instead of spending a week writing about shows I’ll watch once and never again, here’s a bullet-point rundown of what I watched and what I’m still watching.

* Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Watched first episode, hated lead character. I’m very tired of shows about people who are so much better than everyone else and therefore think the rules don’t apply to them. If your boss wants you to wear a tie, wear a tie, jerk.

MV5BMTA0Nzc3MDczMDReQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU3MDg4NjczOTk@._V1_SY317_CR103,0,214,317_* The Crazy Ones. I was looking forward to the return of Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar until I found out it was about an advertising agency. The first episode confirmed my fears. I’m not going to spend a half-hour a week watching a show about ad scum.

* The Michael J. Fox Show. Watched 15 minutes and lost interest. I’m also tired of shows where people stop and talk to the camera. Trying too hard to be cute, not enough trying to be funny.

Aaaand that’s it. Other than “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” which I’ll discuss later. A lot of people asked me if I’m watching “Sleepy Hollow” but I don’t need anymore hour dramas in my life. “The Blacklist” looks promising — I love James Spader — but I rejected it for the same reason I skipped “Sleepy.”

So let’s go over what my DVR has scheduled to tape every week and see how those shows are shaping up.

*2 Broke Girls. This has to be the raunchiest show on network television. Why am I still watching it? Oh, right. Kat Dennings. Please Kat, find a better show.

* Archer. Probably the raunchiest show on non-network television, but at least it’s funny.

*Arrow. There was a one-hour recap show last week. I didn’t watch it. It’s an OK show, I’ll probably sit through another season. Would be much better if it were about Hawkeye.

*Elementary. I stopped watching this halfway through season one. Need to delete from recording schedule. It was fine, I just have low tolerance for hour shows.

* Late Show with David Letterman. I really think Dave should retire but I guess I’ll stick with him to the bitter end at this point (see also, The Simpsons).

* Modern Family. Still funny but I’m losing interest.

MV5BMTkyMTcwNTM3OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDI2MjcxOA@@._V1._SX510_SY724_* New Girl. Not happy that Jess and Nick are dating. Big mistake. Far more interested in Schmidt and Cece, which is pretty surprising given how much I disliked Schmidt in the beginning.

* Nikita. Is this still on? I haven’t seen any promos for it. I really like this show, and as you can see, I don’t say that very often.

* Person of Interest. Another rare hour drama that’s worth my time. I’m getting lost in all the character intrigue but it isn’t impairing my enjoyment yet.

* Revolution. I stopped watching 4 episodes before the end, then finally watched all four weeks after it ended. There’s so much I hated about this show, yet I continued to watch. Then when I saw the first episode of the new season began with “six months later” I immediately erased it. Say you want a revolution? Not this one.

* The Big Bang Theory. While I like Bernadette and Amy, I think the show was funnier without them. And what happened to all of Penny’s friends? Remember when she had a social life outside the nerds?

* The Colbert Report/The Daily Show. The best hour of television on television.

* The Mindy Project. Not sure why I’m still recording this. Probably won’t for much longer.

* The Simpsons. Does anyone still look forward to this show or are we all watching it out of habit? It’s usually good for one or two laughs per episode but that’s pretty sad when you consider how good it once was.

* The Walking Dead. When is this coming back? It’s almost zombie season.




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