Holy Preemption, Channel 9!

So I get home and I’m getting ready for a long night of the high-class entertainment you can only get from public television. In this case, a three-hour documentary on superheroes.

I decide to check the schedule to make sure I don’t miss it.

7 p.m. Nature. 8 p.m. NOVA. 9 p.m. Raw to Ready.

What the hell? Did I get the date wrong? I continue to scroll…

90106681 a.m.-3 a.m. Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle.

What the hell, Channel 9? The first time in ages you’re airing something both educational and entertaining that doesn’t feature Cookie Monster and you’re pushing it back to late-late-late night? And for what? Nature? NOVA? You can’t preempt regular programming for this like all the other PBS stations nationwide?

I realize it’s not a Ken Burns documentary but it probably has some value. And maybe you didn’t get the message, being out-of-touch-public-television-snobs, but superheroes are pretty popular these days. I guess you’re waiting to air it in prime time for the next pledge month when you can drag it out for 6 hours with annoying pledge breaks.

I can’t believe we send you people money. I would stop sending you money except The Wife is in charge of the money and she’ll probably give you a pass for this horrible act because of her addiction to “Masterpiece” and “Downton Abbey.”

Anyway, heads up People of St. Louis. If you were planning on watching this show you’ll need to take a nap immediately or set your television to record it.





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