Gone: Lou Reed

Satellite’s gone up to the skies
Thing like that drive me out of my mind
I watched it for a little while
I like to watch things on TV

I was talkin’ to Betty about her auditions how they made her ill
But life is the theater is certainly fraught with many spills and chills

But she’d come down after some wine
Which is what happens most of the time
Then we sat and both spoke in rhymes
‘Till we spoke of Lorraine
Ah, always back to Lorraine

How do you think it feels
When all you can say is: If only
If only I had a little
If only I had some change
If only, if only, only
How do you think it feels
And when do you think it stops?

White light goin’ messin’ up my brain
don’t you know it’s gonna make me insane
White heat, goin’ down to my toes
Lord have mercy, white light had it, goodness knows

I was sleeping, gently napping
When I heard the phone
Who is on the other end talking
Am I even home?

Did you see what she did to him
Did you hear what they said?
Just a New York conversation
Rattling in my head

Oh, oh, my, and what shall we wear
Oh, oh, my, and who really cares?

Some people like to go out dancing
Other people like us we gotta work
And there’s even some evil mothers
They’ll tell you life is just made outta dirt

ao28se6ow89iai2wSally dances on the floor
she says that she can’t do it anymore
She walks down St. Marks Place
and eats natural food at my place

Now Sally can’t dance no more
she can’t get off of the floor
Sally can’t dance no more
they found her in the trunk of a Ford
ooohhh, she can’t dance no more

Somebody’s got to help me
This girl’s drivin’ me insane
Now somebody she’s got to help me
It makes me feel like, ah, that I’m nowhere at all
It makes me feel like I’m nowhere at all

You know, man, when I was a young man in high school
You believe it or not, I wanted to play football for the coach
All those older guys they said that he was mean and cruel
But you know, I wanted to play football for the coach

Holly came from Miami, FLA
Hitch-hiked her way across the USA
Plucked her eyebrows on the way
Shaved her legs and then he was a she
She says, “Hey babe,
Take a walk on the wild side.”
She said, “Hey honey,
Take a walk on the wild side.”

When I think of all the things I’ve done
And I know that it’s only just begun
Those smiling faces, you know I just can’t forget ’em
But I love you







2 responses to “Gone: Lou Reed

  1. And when I heard the news I had just looked around and remarked what a “perfect day” it was — ironic, perhaps, or perhaps just fitting.

  2. But was there a Lou Reed comic book?

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