For The Record: The Avett Brothers



It’s the post-holidays, pre-Grammys period where I give a listen and report back on the stack of CDs that Nephew2 gives me over Thanksgiving. We’ll begin with a couple of discs from a North Carolina band, The Avett Brothers.


The band is made up of brothers Scott and Seth Avett along with some guys who aren’t Avetts but I guess “The Avett Brothers and Friends” was too long a name so Scott and Seth get all the credit.


Their sound is a mix of bluegrass, country, folk, rock and probably some other genres I’ve forgotten. I think they call this Americana now. I can’t keep it straight. That’s why I don’t write about music much.



The_Carpenter_(The_Avett_Brothers)_cover_artThe Avetts’ released a self-titled EP in 2000 which has been followed up with eight full-length albums and a handful of EPs and live discs. It’s impressive that they’ve been around 14 years and I’ve never heard of them but then I don’t get out much.


For today’s discussion we will be examining their most recent releases, “The Carpenter” from 2012 and “Magpie and the Dandelion”  from last year. Yes I’m late to the party but hey, I was late to the Adele lovefest and I still got a surprising number of hits when I finally got around to talking about her music. So c’mon, Avett Heads, you don’t want the Adele groupies to make you look like chumps.


avett-brothers-magpie-dandelion-1024x1024-1381253132While both albums offer an entertaining mix of tunes, I like “The Carpenter” a little better. It opens with the very strong “The Once and Future Carpenter,” which I would vote the best track on the disc. It’s followed by the equally delightful “Live and Die.” Other highlights include the jaunty “I Never Knew You” and “Down With The Shine.”

I’m not as fond of “Magpie” but it does have one of my favorite AB songs, “Vanity.” “Another is Waiting” is another highlight.





There’s a fun, joyous quality to a lot of Avett Brothers tunes that can really raise your spirits in this dark, dreary, damnable winter.















One response to “For The Record: The Avett Brothers

  1. I loved the Avett Brothers when I saw them on Jimmy Fallon and when I asked Chris about them I wasn’t surprised that he knew them and had their music which he shared with me, too. Looking forward to hearing them live in Springfield in February. I’ve found it to be good, peppy music to listen to while walking the dog.

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