They Are Coming To My Town!

You probably remember that back on April 29 I posted a heartfelt diatribe expressing my sadness and anguish that The Monkees were going back on tour — with Mike Nesmith! — but were not coming to St. Louis.

100_1794The closest I came to that glorious reunion was a concert poster outside a venue in Seattle during LawyerCon. If you examine the photo closely you can tell I’m fighting back tears.

Why, Monkees? Why do you hate St. Louis? Haven’t you heard? It’s one of the greatest cities around. Just ask anyone who grew up here. It’s all they talk about. That and the Cardinals. Why, every time someone writes an article about what a hidden treasure St. Louis is, it shows up in my Facebook newsfeed 50 times. And trust me, I didn’t put it there.

So imagine my joy this morning when I received an email from the Fox Theatre informing me that The Monkees — with Mike Nesmith! — will be performing at the Fox on Thursday, June 5. I can only assume that Micky, Peter and Mike! saw my earlier post and realized they needed to come here. In fact, one could argue that last year’s tour was just a warmup so that they would have their act down to perfection when they came to St. Louis. Well done, lads. I’m sorry I doubted you.

My first act after reading the email — aside from a loud squeal of joy — was to share the good news with the only other Monkees fans I know: my sisters. I was sure that they would come up and drag their husbands along.

“We will be on our way to Israel that day,” said one.

“I will be in Kansas City at my IAAP annual meeting,” said the other.

“Will Laura go with you, Ron?”

Will Laura go with me, Ron? Will Laura go with me? 

Laura doesn’t care for The Monkees. Laura doesn’t care for Cheap Trick. I knew she didn’t care for The Monkees but I didn’t know she didn’t care for Cheap Trick until after I took her to a Cheap Trick concert. It is no fun taking someone to a concert when they don’t like the band. Fortunately we were in a booth where there was free food and she liked the opening band.

“Doesn’t she owe you for all the Shakespeare?” my sister asks.

Hmm. Fair question. I put it to her.

“No. Check our marriage vows. You agreed to attend all Shakespeare performances and in exchange I agreed to attend all dinosaur exhibits. There’s nothing in there about The Monkees. They’re not even a real band. They don’t play their own instruments.”

“They do too! They started out as  a TV show but they became a real band! Just like Pinocchio! From ‘Headquarters’ on they did all their own music! It’s snobs like you that are keeping them out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!”

“Haven’t you seen them before? And isn’t the cute one dead?”

“Yes to both questions, but I haven’t seen them with Mike Nesmith! He’s my favorite Monkee! He gave us so many classics — Papa Gene’s Blues, Sweet Young Thing, You Told Me, You Just May Be The One, Door Into Summer, Circle Sky, Love Is Only Sleeping, What Am I Doing Hangin’ ‘Round? — that I’ve never heard live!”

Nothing is less fun than going to a concert with someone who’s not a believer, so if you want to go to see The Monkees with me, you know how to reach me. Tickets  go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday and cost $100, $75, $60, $50, $40 and $30. Now, as much as I love The Monkees, I don’t love them $100 worth. So if you’re going with me we’ll be sitting in the mezzanine or the upper, upper balcony.

Tickets for The Monkees — with Mike Nesmith! — go on sale Friday, March 28 at 10AM online at, by calling 314-534-1111, or in person at the Fox Theatre Box Office.




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