At The Movies: Sabotage

The new action thriller “Sabotage” stars Arnold Schwarzenegger but it’s not your typical Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

The tone is much darker. The violence is much more explicit. Arnie doesn’t make a clever quip after he drops a bad guy off a cliff. This is Schwarzenegger wanting to be taken seriously.

BMCWUGMCcAE-EH6Schwarzenegger stars as John “Breacher” Wharton, the legendary leader of an elite squad of DEA agents. As the film opens Breacher and his team are busting into a drug cartel safe house where they find a large stack of money.

Before blowing the place up, they stash away $10 million for themselves. When they go back later to recover the money, it is gone. The missing millions put Breacher and his squad in a bad situation with both the drug cartel and the Feds.

When Breacher’s teammates start getting picked off in disgustingly gruesome fashion, tensions begin to mount within the once tight-knit squad. Detective Caroline Brentwood (Olivia Williams) is brought in to investigate the murders  but can Breacher work with her while keeping his secrets?

Directed by David Ayer (“End of Watch”), “Sabotage” is a bloody, brutal affair that starts off as an intriguing thriller but falls apart by the end. When you discover who the killer is you’re going to wonder later how that person was able to do the things that were done to the victims. Brentwood also behaves in an unprofessional manner at one point that really didn’t ring true for the character.

The revelation of the killer is then followed by one of the most preposterous car chases in movie history. And like most everything else in the film, the chase ends in the most horrific and violent way possible.

As for Schwarzenegger, he commits himself admirably but “Sabotage” is just too violent and messy to rank as one of his better movies.



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