Space Mountain Is Not In The Alps

Last night I put my thinking cap on and headed to the O’Fallon Elks Lodge for the annual Center for Autism Education Trivia Night.

Normally the event takes place in February but they kicked it back a few weeks this year, which was nice as it meant driving there while it was still daylight and being able to find a parking spot without having to dodge large piles of snow.

Now the first challenge of trivia night is getting your 8-man team together. You’d think after doing this for over a decade that we’d have a pretty solid team that’s ready to come when I call. Think again. I don’t think we’ve ever fronted the same team in all these years. Someone always has other plans that night, someone moves away, etc.

This year we got off to an early start when Melfy informed me she had a couple of friends that wanted to join us. With Melfy’s two friends and her husband Greg that’s half the team right there. I then got confirmations from Carrie and the other Melissa. That left us with one spot, which was going to be a challenge to fill with both Yellow and Tim. Luckily they have a kid now and they both can’t be running around all the time, so Yellow completed the lineup and Tim stayed home with child.

Let’s be honest, last year’s trivia night was a bit of a mess. But they have new management this year and the first thing new management did right is they assigned us a table next to the bar. Plus we were on the end so we weren’t crammed into a space surrounded by tables. Nice.

As usual most of my table did not show up until the last minute with Yellow showing up after the third round. Most of the questions were pop culture related, which is a good thing for our group. Unfortunately if the questions are easy for us they’re easy for everybody.

We were doing pretty well until the end when they pulled out the geography and sports questions. Carrie was convinced Space Mountain was the Disneyland ride inspired by a mountain range in the Alps. The correct answer was Matterhorn but since none of us had been to the Alps and Carrie had been to Disneyland, we followed her lead. Melfy’s friends bailed once the sports questions started. Can’t say I blame them.

The Wife and Son spent the night walking around selling raffle tickets. She did venture over at times to help us with music and geography questions. It’s not cheating if you have no chance of winning.

By evening’s end we were not in the top three. I don’t know where we finished because we couldn’t see our score on the big screen from the angle we were sitting. The important thing is that for the first time we beat Team Spaulding and that’s all that matters.*


* Team Spaulding did not compete this year.





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