Test Your Capology

You should know how this works by now. Twenty questions. Answers tomorrow. Show the world how well you know the Star Spangled Avenger.

1. Captain America made his debut in:

(a) Star Spangled Comics 1 (b) All Star Comics 39 (c) Captain America Comics 1 (d) Action Comics 12

kirby-capn2. True/False: Captain America was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

3. Captain America’s shield is made out of:

(a) Adamantium (b) Herculanium (c) Uru (d) an experimental alloy of steel and Vibranium

4. What super team did Captain America serve on that was published in the 1940s

(a) The All Winners Squad (b) The Allies (c) The Justice Society (d) The Invaders

5. Who of the following has NOT been Captain America:

(a) Bucky Barnes (b) John Hancock (c) William Naslund (d) Jeffrey Mace (e) Steve Rogers (f) William Burnside (g) John Walker

6. Who of the following has NOT been Cap’s sidekick Bucky:

(a) Bucky Barnes (b) Jack Monroe (c) Rick Jones (d) Rikki Barnes (e) Tim Drake

7. True/False: Captain America is a founding member of The Avengers

alan-davis-captain-america-no-9-cover-sharon-carter8. Sharon Carter, Agent 13 with S.H.I.E.L.D., is also:

(a) Peggy Carter’s little sister (b) Peggy Carter’s niece (c) a or b, depending on when you read Captain America comics.

9. True/False: J.D. Salinger’s son Matt played Captain America in a 1990 movie that went straight to video.

10. For many years the title of Captain America’s letters page was:

(a) Captain Ameri-mail (b) Let’s Rap With Cap (c) Star Spangled Missives (d) All American Mail

11. True/False: Steve Rogers gave up being Cap for a time in the ’70s after he learned Richard Nixon was running an evil organization.

12. After his resignation, Rogers briefly takes on a new superhero role as:

(a) The Captain (b) Iron Patriot (c) Nomad (d) Super Soldier

13. True/False: During the Marvel Civil War, Captain America was pro-superhero  registration.

14. True/False: Captain America never killed anyone during World War II

15. Complete the song lyric: When Captain America throws his mighty shield …

16. The first African-American superhero in mainstream comic books was:

(a) Black Panther (b) The Falcon (c) Black Lightning (d) Luke Cage, Power Man

250px-TheFalcon17. What is The Falcon’s pet falcon’s name?

(a) Redwing (b) Woodstock (c) Freedom (d) Challenger

18. When he’s not Captain America, Steve Rogers works as:

(a) bricklayer (b) accountant (c) artist (d) Captain America has no other life

19. True/False: Captain America was the first Marvel Comics character to be adapted to other media.

20. Captain America’s fan club in the 1940s was known as:

(a) Cap’s Clubhouse (b) Sentinels of Liberty (c) Cap’s Commandos (d) All Winners Squad



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