How Red, White And Blue Are You?

This same quiz was given out in the ’50s to see how good an American you were. Let’s see if you pass the test.

tumblr_lz3u19tQoH1qbgo38o1_12801. Captain America made his debut in:

(c) Captain America Comics 1

2. True/False: Captain America was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

False. Cap was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

3. Captain America’s shield is made out of:

(d) an experimental alloy of steel and Vibranium. Many people think it’s a mix of Adamantium (what Wolverine’s claws are made of) and Vibranium, but Adamantium wasn’t invented until the mid-60s.

AllWinners214. What super team did Captain America serve on that was published in the 1940s

(a) The All Winners Squad. The Invaders was another WWII group that Cap was part of, but it was a retcon created in the 1970s. 

5. Who of the following has NOT been Captain America:

(b) John Hancock. Steve Rogers is the only one who matters.

6. Who of the following has NOT been Cap’s sidekick Bucky:

(e) Tim Drake. I’m not sure if Rick Jones was ever called Bucky, but he ran around with Cap in a Bucky suit briefly so I’m counting it.

Avengers_Vol_1_47. True/False: Captain America is a founding member of The Avengers

False. Cap joined the team in Avengers 4. He does, however, have “founders status,” which is what happens when one of your founders is as unreliable at attending meetings as the HULK.

8. Sharon Carter, Agent 13 with S.H.I.E.L.D., is also:

(c) a or b, depending on when you read Captain America comics. Peggy Carter, you’ll recall, was Cap’s love interest during the war. When he woke up from the ice in the early ’60s, Sharon was introduced as Peggy’s younger sister so she could be Cap’s love interest. What with the unfortunate passing of time it is no longer feasible for Sharon to be Peggy’s little sis and still be in her 20s-30s, so now she’s Peggy’s niece.

9. True/False: J.D. Salinger’s son Matt played Captain America in a 1990 movie that went straight to video.

True. It’s not a very good movie.

10. For many years the title of Captain America’s letters page was:

(b) Let’s Rap With Cap. An even better letter page header than Iron Man’s “Sock It To Shellhead.”

28cap17511. True/False: Steve Rogers gave up being Cap for a time in the ’70s after he learned Richard Nixon was running an evil organization.

Kinda/sorta true. During the Watergate era, Cap was busy fighting some bad guys known as the Secret Empire. Cap finally corners their leader, who pulls off his mask and blows his brains out. Cap is so shaken by this event that he briefly gives up being Captain America. It was pretty evident if you were reading the comic at the time who the bad guy really was.

12. After his resignation, Rogers briefly takes on a new superhero role as:

(c) Nomad

13. True/False: During the Marvel Civil War, Captain America was pro-superhero registration.

False. Iron Man was in favor of superheroes registering and working for the government; Cap was against it. 

14. True/False: Captain America never killed anyone during World War II

False, then True, then False. In the ’40s Cap is shown killing lots of Nazis. Then in the 1980s, Cap writer Mark Gruenwald decided it was bad form for the captain to be a killer so he retconned bombed the character’s past and had him claim he’d never taken a life during the war. Later writers agreed that was ridiculous and nowadays if there’s a flashback you’ll probably see Cap killing Nazis.

15. Complete the next line of the song lyric: When Captain America throws his mighty shield …

All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield.

16. The first African-American superhero in mainstream comic books was:

(b) The Falcon. Black Panther came before him but he’s African, not African-American.

17. What is The Falcon’s pet falcon’s name?

(a) Redwing

18. When he’s not Captain America, Steve Rogers works as:

(d) Captain America has no other life. Pretty much being Cap is a full-time job, but he did work as an artist for a time. 

19. True/False: Captain America was the first Marvel Comics character to be adapted to other media.

True. A movie serial based on Cap was made in the 1940s.

20. Captain America’s fan club in the 1940s was known as:

(b) Sentinels of Liberty


20-16: You are a Sentinel of Liberty
15-10: You need a refresher course in Civics
9-5: It’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it
4-0: You’re as dumb as Cap’s shield



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