A RROY REPORT Special Report: LawyerCon 2014 IV

Part Four: The Final Stretch

Day Five

Wednesday. New Comic Book Day. One of my favorite traditions of LawyerCon is   checking out comic book shops across the country. I tend to judge a city by how many and how good its comic book shops are. Crime statistics and economic development do not interest me.

100_2239According to the internet’s Comic Shop Locator, there was one store within walking distance of the hotel. It would be a long walk, but hey, we had nothing better to do. Most of the walk was uphill, which was good, because it meant most of the walk back would be downhill.

Velocity Comics is a decent shop — small and filled to the brim with comics and books. Not a lot of miscellaneous, which is what I like to look at. I spent far more time walking to the store than I did walking through it. I picked up my books for the week and we headed back to the hotel. Along the way I confirmed something I’d been noticing in all my walks around downtown Richmond. Everything downtown is either restaurants or office space. There is very little retail. Not a lot of goofy shops to browse in.

Stopped at a pizza place then back to the hotel. Took leftover pizza to the pool and sat and ate and read comics while Andrew enjoyed a swim.


That night was the final big event of the convention — a trip to The American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar. At this point I should mention that the bus drivers in Richmond do not appear to have it in for lawyers the way they do in other cities. The busses were always there early waiting for us in front of the hotel and left in a timely manner.

The Tredegar Ironworks was an important manufacturing operation for The South during the Civil War. It looks like a bombed-out relic now except for the part they turned into a museum. I learned a lot about cannons that I have since forgotten. Had a nice barbecue dinner with open bar and pie bar. Mmmm, pie bar.

Day Six


For our last day in Richmond we took a walk to the Jefferson Hotel, which was even more ornate than the John Marshall. Back in the good old days they had alligators living there and they would parade them through the lobby. Sadly, all they have now are metal replicas.

100_2248We couldn’t afford lunch at the Jefferson so we walked back to the capitol and looked about then found a nice deli and had sandwiches. That night Lar attended the annual Farewell Banquet and Andrew and I found a nice Mexican cantina for our supper. They had a decent burrito there but of course it could not compete with the Mexican Villa burrito. After dinner we made one final stop at the pool. The next morning we packed our bags, loaded up the SUV, and prepared for our journey back to St. Charles.

But that’s another story.

Coming Up: The thrilling conclusion


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