Before we begin, I would like to thank everyone out there who is reading this in between spending time with their family, friends or whatever significant others you hang out with on Thanksgiving. The important thing is — you’re not out shopping.

Because if you are out shopping — you are the problem. Lots of people want to blame Wal-Mart and company for being open on the holiday and making their employees work instead of being with their families getting stuffed on turkey and watching football. It’s not Wal-Mart’s, K-Mart’s or Whatever-Mart’s fault. They are heartless, soulless corporations who only care about money. They wouldn’t be open today if people weren’t out there shopping.

So give it a rest. All that crap that you have to buy today will be there tomorrow. In fact, if no one shows up at the stores today, the shops will lower the prices even more tomorrow to get rid of the crap.

And now back to our regularly scheduled counting of the blessings:

That for which I am thankful, 2014

“Guardians of the Galaxy” didn’t suck

Almond Joys

(because sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t)


Hawkeye print from Wizard World St. Louis

Brenda, then Keegan, now Karen

My new used car

Only 6 months until “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

Surviving Family Road Trip Vacation with minimal meltdowns



A friend who’d dress up as Wonder Woman for Halloween
when she’d really rather be Elsa

The Colbert Report, 2005-2014

The guy who plays Penguin on “Gotham” is the best Penguin
since Burgess Meredith (Sorry, Danny DeVito)

The Adam West “Batman” TV show is finally on home video

The Kansas City Royals

Those who don’t judge me by my hit count


Spending the night with the Smiths in their cabin in the mountains


The Monkees at The Fox

Quicksilver scene from “X-Men: Days of Future Past”

The Polar Express dessert bar

And, as always


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