Ronnie, Laurie and Andrew’s Kansas City Christmas Spectacular

Part 2: City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style

The Cheapskate’s Rules for Vacationing:
1. Meals are expensive. Find a hotel with free breakfast. Fill up, skip lunch.

Our hotel had a very nice breakfast spread. More than made up for the weak happy hour spread. They even had an omelette bar. Unfortunately, they had a guy dishing out the bacon and sausages. I don’t need help piling on the bacon and sausages. But I guess that’s why the guy was there.

Sadly, they also had 16.5 million little kids running around the breakfast area. Why aren’t these kids in school? I don’t care if it is Saturday.

After breakfast we caught the shuttle back to the plaza. It was time for some Serious Shopping. I had no shopping to do. Andrew had no shopping to do. But someone in our party did. I should point out that Country Club Plaza has many, many stores — few of any interest. There’s a Barnes & Noble and a toy store called Zoom, but that’s it. Guess who had no interest in going to either of those stores? If you guessed the person who would be doing the shopping, you guessed right.

I didn't take any pictures of the shopping, so enjoy more pictures of the plaza at night.

I didn’t take any pictures of the shopping, so enjoy more pictures of the plaza at night.

I learned over the next 4+ hours that there are good stores and bad stores. Good stores always have comfortable chairs and couches for their customers. Bad stores do not. Beauty Brands is a bad store. A very, very bad store because we spent a long time in there with nowhere to sit. Do you know what they sell at Beauty Brands? Beauty products. You can’t even pretend to browse in a place like that if you have a Y chromosome.

Some of the good stores: Vera Bradley, West Elm, White House/Black Market. Other bad stores: Bath and Bodyworks; that place that sells overpriced Royals/Chiefs gear.

One surprising find was Pottery Barn Kids. Why are we going in here? Our kid is 23 years old. But hey, I just follow along. I was less than impressed until I came across the section that was Marvel/DC/Star Wars stuff — there were quilts and sheets and pillows and wall hangings and little wooden Marvel figures. They even had a Hawkeye, but you had to buy it in a set.

100_2294By 3:30 p.m. Laurie had bought all there was to buy and we decided to walk back to the hotel. Why we decided to walk the one time we had packages I do not know. I did know that we had roughly 90 minutes of daylight left and — according to google maps — I was a 13-minute walk away from Clint’s Comics. I used to go to Clint’s back in the ’80s. It was not in a pretty part of town which is why I wanted to get in and out before dark.

Clint’s hadn’t changed much. Large selection, lots of back issues, R-rated section in the back. I picked up a couple of comics and rushed back to the safety of the Embassy Suites. We went back to the plaza that night for dinner at an Irish pub because we can’t stay away from the Irish pubs. Mainly because Andrew loves the fish and chips.

Took in the lights once more and walked back to the hotel. On the minus side of Embassy Suites — they don’t offer free wi-fi in your room. On the one hand that’s good because vacation is a good time to get away from the constant lure of the Internet. On the other hand ohmigod I need the Internet! So I often found myself having to go downstairs to the business center for my fix. And to plan the outings for our final day.

Next: The outings for our final day






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