All Is Merry And Bright

Normally late Christmas Eve or early Christmas Day I post a photo of the Thielmeier Family Christmas. It’s all Laurie’s folks gathered around the dining room table, said table festooned with reindeer dishes, reindeer bowls, reindeer glasses, reindeer mugs and reindeer napkin rings from Pottery Barn, along with the Waterford and the silver.

Long ago we decided to divvy up the holidays by spending Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with hers. It works out pretty well. Once they stop giving you presents there’s no reason to go home anyway. Traditionally Laurie’s mom would do Christmas Eve and her sister would handle Christmas Day. A few years ago Laurie took on Christmas Eve duties.

It’s quite a production. You have to go down to the basement and haul up two bags of dishes and glasses. Then you have to hand-wash them all, even though you hand-washed them all 11 months earlier before you packed them away. You gotta polish the silver. You gotta cook. Since Laurie works on Christmas Eve that means I have to deal with “Put the ham in at xx p.m. at xxx degrees, then put the potatoes in at xx p.m. at xxx degrees…”

We didn’t do that this year. It’s been that kind of December.

Everyone was cool with it. Pretty much. We’re still getting together Christmas Day. But that did leave us with a hole in our schedule. What were we going to do for Christmas Eve, just the three of us?

Then it hit me: Chinese Buffet!

If Hollywood has taught us anything, it is that people with nowhere to go on Christmas go out for Chinese. Personally I prefer Chinese food to ham, and we’d had ham a week earlier at a friend’s house, and we’re going to use the one we bought for last night for New Year’s Day, so I was all in favor of some sushi, crab rangoon and Italian shrimp.

Laurie stopped by to visit her mom on the way home from work then joined us (already in progress — Andrew eats slowly and a lot) at China King. It wasn’t too busy. The staff was nice but didn’t sing any carols.

And the best part — no clean up!



Merry Christmas to all 


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