At The Comic Book Shop: All New Hawkeye 1

There’s a new Hawkeye title on the stands this week and as usual I’m here to beg you to buy it so that there will be another issue out next month.

All-New_Hawkeye_Vol_1_1_TextlessNow those of you with long memories may be saying, “I thought there was already a Hawkeye comic out and it was doing pretty well and winning awards and getting lots of praise. What happened to it?”

Well, welcome to the world of comic book publishing. It seems the previous volume of “Hawkeye,” by Matt Fraction and David Aja, ran into some scheduling problems oh, about a year ago, and the last issue still hasn’t gone to press. Apparently tired of waiting, Marvel hired a new creative team to put out a new “Hawkeye” comic while we wait for the old one to finish.

Marvel Comics: Professionalism in Meeting Publishing Deadlines is Not Our Superpower.

I’ll say more about this when they finally get around publishing the last issue of the Fraction/Aja “Hawkeye,” but for now let’s deal with the issue at hand.

HAWKEYE2015001-DC41-0fa85“All New Hawkeye” No. 1 is by the all new team of Jeff Lemire (writer) and Ramon Perez (artist). It picks up where the previous volume left off (one assumes, since the previous volume isn’t finished): Clint Barton (Hawkeye) is still getting into trouble with Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) and there is a lot of verbal sparring as they take aim at the hordes of Hydra.

S.H.I.E.L.D. has sent them on a mission to find a secret weapons cache and this opening issue probably has more traditional superhero action than all of the previous volume put together. Meanwhile a separate storyline looks at Clint and his brother Barney when they were young. Apparently they liked to catch frogs.

I’m not really that interested in Clint’s childhood but the current day story looks promising. The dialogue and character work is spot on. Perez draws the flashbacks in a watercolor style while the Hydra story is more cartoonish and slightly reminiscent of Aja.

All in all a promising start to this latest chapter in the Hawkeye saga.

Guardians_Team-Up_Vol_1_1ALSO OF NOTE:  The first issue of “Guardians Team Up” came out this week. It’s a Guardians of the Galaxy team up book, which just shows you how much Marvel thinks they can milk out of the unexpected success of the GOTG movie. A year ago you couldn’t get anyone to buy a Guardians comic and now they’re doing spin-offs.

For their inaugural issue the Guardians have chosen to team up with — who else? — The Avengers. Hawkeye plays a pretty prominent role in the story which is good. There’s a fair amount of humor as you’d expect. It’s written by Brian Michael Bendis but the real draw is artist Art Adams. Adams is one of the great comic book artists working today and he doesn’t do a lot of books so when he does one you’d best pick it up.


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